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Q: Can you get prescibtion model nitravet 10?
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What would if you take 50 mg dose of Nitravet Tab?

eat 02 tablets of Nitravet 10 mg any problem

Is it lethal to take whiskey with nitravet 10 mg tabs?

It is not lethal to take whiskey with nitravet 10 mg. It is a sleep induced agent. So, It increases the effect of alcohol and insomnia behaviour.

Why nitravet 10 mg tablets is used?

specially for druggist it makes them active n also use for pain relief er...

What model is your smith and Wesson mcd 10-7?

Model 10

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson Model 10 serial R163139?

The Model 10 was not in this serial number range, only the Model 60 and Model 651.

What is the difference between Model 10 5 model 10 6?

An engineering change.

What are the ratings and certificates for America's Next Top Model - 2003 Top Model 10 Confidential 10-8?

America's Next Top Model - 2003 Top Model 10 Confidential 10-8 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:AL

What is the value of a 38SW Model 10-7 Stainless?

The Model 10 is not made in stainless steel.

How old is Smith and Wesson Model 10-7?

Smith and Wesson Model 10-7 started being produced in 1977. This model was replaced by 10-9 in 1988 (Model 10-8 was for heavy barrels, 7 and 9 were for standard barrels)

When was a smith and Wesson model 10 with serial number 488xxx made?

I need to know if there are any letter prefix to the serial number on your model 10 revolver.This would greatly help in placing the year of production.The model 10 was first stamped as such in the year 1957.The model 10-1 was made in 1959,the model 10-2 was in 1961 etc.Prior to the model designation these revolvers were known as the model M&P.(military and police).

How old is a glenfield model 10 serial 27516974?

how old is a glenfield model 10 serial 27516957?

Where can you get parts for a Glenfield Model 10?

Numrich Arms has a great supply of parts for the Glenfield Model 10.