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Can you get regigigas in Pokemon Emerald?

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I am sorry it's impossible to get Regigigas in Pokemon Emerald. You can only get it in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

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Where do you get regigigas in Pokemon emerald?

You can't get a Regigigas on Pokemon Emerald.

Where is regigigas in Pokemon Emerald?

Regigigas is a Sinnoh pokemon. Not a Hoenn.

How do you get regigigus on Pokemon Emerald?

You spell it regigigas, not regigigus ---- You canot get him in Pokemon Emerald because Regigigas is a 4th generation Pokemon, and Pokemon Emerald is a 3rd generation game. If you have diamond or pearl, you can get regigigas

How do you catch the Regigigas for Pokemon emereld?

you cant get regigigas on Pokemon emerald its to ew of a Pokemon

Where to find regigigas in Pokemon emerald?

you cant get reggiggas in Pokemon emerald

How do you get regigigross on Pokemon emerald?

You cannot get Regigigas on Emerald version.

Where can you find regigigas in Pokemon emerald?

I don't Know if your being serious but regigigas is a Pokemon created for Pokemon pearl and diamond.

Where do you find regigigas in Pokemon Emerald?

Regigigas was not made during the Emerald era, you can only get the 3 Regis. Regigigas is only obtainable in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum +

How do you get regigigas on Pokemon emerald?

You don't. You can only catch Regigigas in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

How do you get the regigigas in the snowpoint temple in Pokemon platinum?

You must have the 3 regi's before you can get regigigas. You can get them in emerald, and then you can get them via the pal park.

Were can you find a regi gigas in sapphire version?

You can't get a Regigigas in Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald. Regigigas is a Generation IV Pokemon, and Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald are Generation III games.

Where can you get reggirock in Pokemon pearl?

You first have to get Regigigas,but to that you have to migrate the three regis from emerald.

How do you catch a regigigas in Pokemon emereld?

In Pokemon Emerald, it is impossible to catch a Regigigas, simply because it wasn't released. However, you may capture Regice, Regirock and Registeel.

How Can you Catch Regigas In Pokemon Emerald?

You can't because regigigas is a 4th gen pokemon. If you want a regigigas then you will have to migrate Regice, registeel and regirock to Diamond, Platinum or pearl

Can you only get the 3 Regis in Pokemon Emerald?

Only Regis in Pokemon EmeraldYes.Those Are The Only Regis In Pokemon Emerald. Too Bad.there are regi in ruby and sapphire and regigigas in d/p/pt

How do you get a regigigas in platinum?

If the event passed, and you have emerald, do this. Get the regis in emerald, trade it to platinum, get regigigas, use your new regigigas to get the regis, than trade your old regis and your new regigigas to emerald, or you can keep regigias, cuz you don't get it in emerald.

Can you get regigigas on Pokemon emerald or sapphire or ruby?

No, you can only get regigigas on Pokemon ruby if your cousin is a mutant marshmellow. my friend has it never wants to trade not even for a deoxies i don't no how to get it though

How do you get the Nat Dex in Pearl if you have to see 150 Pokemon but one of them is Regigigas which you need the Regis from Emerald and you can't migrate from emerald until you get the Nat Dex?

regigigas isn't one of the 150 pokemon. he only in the national dex and his number is 486.

Do you need regirock regice and registeel to get regigigas?

yes and you can get those three Pokemon in Pokemon emerald after you get a relicanth and a wailord

How do you solve the slipping ice puzzle in snowpoint temple to get to regigigas in Pokemon diamond?

To awaken Regigigas you need to migrate from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald the three Regis.

Where do you find regigas in Pokemon sapphire?

Regigigas is not avalible in Pokemon ruby, sapphire or emerald. Only regirock, registeel, regice are avalible

How do you catch the regis on Pokemon Pearl?

It's not available in Pokemon pearl, only in platinum and ruby, sapphire, emerald, but regigigas is available in pearl. But you must get the 3 other regis in your party to awaken regigigas.

Where is regigigas on Pokemon Ranger?

Pokemon Ranger was made before Regigigas, so there is no Regigigas on Pokemon Ranger.

Where is regigigas in emerald?

You can't

How can you get regigigas in Pokemon emerald?

first get the three regi's and go anywhere as long you can find a cave or dugeon