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no. the sun dries out pimples. unless u sweat alot while tanning then yeah.

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No but I do know it is contagious and any one who knows they caught it but does not see Any spots yet should take a shower to avoid em

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Q: Can you get ringworm from tanning?
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Can you go tanning with ringworm?

Yes you can go tanning with ringworm. The bright UV lights damage the ringworm fungus and drys out your skin. This process of quickly drying the skin will actually help get rid of the ringworm. I would wait to apply any topical creams until after you are done tanning because they might irritate your skin when combined with tanning lights. P.S. Don't tell the tanning business that you have ringworm because they might not let you into the beds. (You can trust this answer, I have had ringworm multiple times, it comes with being a wrestler)

Can you get ringworm from a tanning bed?

Yes you can and im 10 urs old and ur hott!!

If you have a ringworm spot on your face should you stay out of your tanning bed or even the sun?

Ask your doctor

What are tanning unit?

A tanning unit is a piece of tanning equipment which can be for indoor tanning or sunless tanning applications. Examples would be a tanning bed, a tanning booth or a sunless spray tanning system.

Can you get ringworm from someone who has chickenpox?

Chickenpox and ringworm are caused by completely different microbes. You can only get ringworm from someone with chickenpox if they also have ringworm.

What is ringworm in French?

ringworm= la teigne

Can children get ringworm?

Yes children can get ringworm.

What is tanning industry?

The Tanning Industry is comprised of a group of companies and individuals that contribute to indoor tanning. These groups include but are not limited to; tanning lotion manufacturer's, tanning bed manufacturer's, tanning accessories manufacturer's, tanning product distributors, and tanning salon owners.

When is ringworm not contagious?

Ringworm is not contagious after 24 hours

Will doxycycline treat ringworm?

doxycycline can be used for ringworm?

Can you play football with ringworm?

Only if the ringworm have helmets and pads.

What temperature kills ringworm?

You could not get your skin hot enough to kill the ringworm without burning yourself.