Can you get rookies on NBA 2K 12?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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No you can't the only one is Ricky Rubio from the Timberwolves and Vaden from the Thunder.

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Q: Can you get rookies on NBA 2K 12?
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Hmm.. I think it's NBA 2k 12

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When is nba 2k 12 coming out?

oct 2011

Is stephon marbury in NBA 2k10?

is stephon marbury in nba 2k 11 or 12

What is better nba 11 or 2k 11?

NBA 2k is better

How do you change the settings and make deriick rose play in nba 2k12?

Derrick Rose does play in NBA 2k 12

How do you play on your home court on NBA 2k 12?

Move your remote controller to the side home

How do you do Air Jordan on NBA 2K 12?

up down left right on right stick

Is NBA 2k 12 fun?

depends if you like basketball yeah don't like basketball probaly not

What is the difference between NBA and NBA live?

Nba 2k is better because in nba live you don't have a better mycareer because you can compete better against players and it shows you what level of a 2k gamer you are. If you hit legend in my career, it shows that you one of the best players in the world. Because most 2k players play my career.

How can you get rookies on NBA 2k12 for PSP?

you cannot

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