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Can you get sick from touching human feces?


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If human feces was in your dryer and you dried your clothes could you catch anything from it?


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While not the healthiest practice, death is unlikely. Wash your hands.

You can get sick from breathing is any kind of feces if you breath it in long enough.

At best, nothing at all other than bad breath and possible indigestion. However, fecal matter does carry diseases which can make you quite sick, particularly if the feces is from someone who is sick.

It is possible - there are pathogens and potentially parasites in cat feces that can make your dog sick if he eats the feces.

No you can't get sick from touching outside snails.

Exposure to feces can make you sick because feces is a good growing medium for germs. Germs that can grow in feces can cause a number of diseases. If your cat has toxoplasmosis, and you handle their feces, you can get toxoplasmosis too.

The feces and urine of any being, whether canine, feline, bovine, or human, can be the source of any number of diseases. No living environment should have any feces or urine of any kind from any being whatsoever in it. ya cuz that stuff has bacteria and stuff the animals body didnt need so if there is a lot then yes you can get sick

No. There are parasites in feces. Consuming feces can make dogs sick or have worms.

Sometimes feces looks greenish when you are sick. That could be from bacteria growing in the intestines, what you eat, and improper digestion.

Yes. Chicken feces contain plenty of bacteria, such as salmonella.

No, they do resemble cat feces but are a bit larger.

Under normal circumstances no, but if you ingest the hamster feces you can get sick.

If a dog eats human feces, assuming that feces is free of parasites, nothing will happen. If the feces does contain parasites, these may infect the animal.

Typhoid Fever. Coming from drinking water contaminated by Human Feces.

Human feces is composed of unusable food and million of bacteria.

No, you can't get sick because fish disease can not transfer to a human. Therefore just wash your hands properly after handling a fish or touching one.

chances are you will not die but you will get sick

If you eat them, of course!

The average weight of human feces is 2.5 pounds. A person can produce 1 ounce of feces per 12 pounds of their body.

Yes it can make a horse sick, particularly if it is ingested.

Yes, if you don't wash your hands immediately afterwards thoroughly with soap. The cut getting infected otherwise is the main risk.

Human feces is definitely considered to be hazardous waste. You should not be messing with this material unless you have to.

Animal feces is called scat just to show that it is non-human. There are many other terms used for the term "feces" to show non-human feces. These are dung, droppings and spoor.

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