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Yes you can get the Poke Radar

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How do you easily get shinie Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can use a Pokemon repel and then use a poke radar.

What Pokemon can you get with the poke radar?

If you use the Poke Radar you will have a chance of getting a shiny Pokemon. But the actual Pokemon will not USUALLY change by using the Poke Radar.

How do you get the poke radar in black?

You cannot get the Poke Radar in Pokemon Black.

How do you get the poke radar in Pokemon FireRed?

The poke radar doesn't exist in firered.

Can you find the Pokemon modifier Pokemon with the poke radar?

no you cannot get thePokemon modifier with the poke radar, you must get it with cheats or at events.

How do you get poke radar in Pokemon Platinum?

To get the Poke Radar you gotta fill up the Sinnoh Pokedex, talk to the professor, and he will give you the National Pokedex and the Poke Radar.

What is a pokerader?

The correct spelling is Poke Radar instead of PokeRadar. Poke Radar is a key item in the Pokemon game. Its function is to point out where you can find Pokemon in grass, including some rare Pokemon that are only available when you use the Poke Radar.

Where is the pokeradar in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Poke Radar is not available in Pokemon Sapphire. The Poke Radar is an item exclusive to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, X and Y.

Were do you get the poke radar in Pokemon diamond?

first get the national pokedex,then professer Oak will come and give you a poke radar.

How do you get a poke radar in heartgold?

You can only get it in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Versions.. -MJ-

Where to get ralts in Pokemon Diamond?

go to route 204 and use the poke radar note:you can only get the poke radar after you have seen every Pokemon in sinnoh

How do you get poke radar in Pokemon Pearl?

you get it from professer rowen

Can i get a poke radar in Pokemon Emerald?

it is on the ship in the water

Where to get Pokemon Naranja?

poke radar in eterna forest

How do you get Tropius in Pokemon HeartGold?

You Need To Use The Pokewalker Accessory. You Will Have To Get 40,000 Watts To Get The Big Forest Route. then Use The Poke Radar Which Requires 10 Watts.

Can you take your Pokemon out of their poke balls?

You can take your Pokemon out of their poke balls outside of battle in the games Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold

What is a poke radar?

It is the same in any Pokemon game. It is a radar you use to tell where a Pokemon is in tall grass. When you click on 'Use poke radar' you will then see a few tufts of grass wiggle. These tufts are where Pokemon are hiding.Hope I helped!be quiet

Can you catch a skitty on Pokemon HeartGold?

In order to catch a Skitty on Heartgold or Soulsilver, then you have to go to Hoenn Field on the Poke Walker and get over 9000 steps before using the poke radar. Sadly, you are unable to catch a Skitty on the HG/SS games unless you have an Action Replay code to modify the Pokemon that appear.

Where do you find Pokemon from the national pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

You can get them any where with a poke radar but if you don't want to use a poke radar i think you should go to route 225, 226, 227, 228, 229 230, and stark mountain. (P.S. you can catch rare Pokemon and shnies with a poke radar).

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