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Can you get your belly button pierced while you have your period?

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Of course. Your navel has nothing to do with your menstrual cycle.

2006-08-23 12:28:20
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Does Ariana Grande have her belly button pierced?

No. While there is no interview confirming whether or not Ariana Grande has a belly button piercing, there are no photos showing a belly ring.

Does getting your belly button pierced affect your umbilical cord when you are pregnant?

no you dont have a umbilical cord you have a belly button your baby dose not have a belly button yet the umbilical cord attaches to the baby at its belly after its born the umbilical cord is cut giving the baby its belly button. However don't have your belly button pierced while you are pregnant as you will have to take the bar (or whatever) out towards the end.

If you play with your belly button can it make you spot?

your menstrual period has nothing to do with your belly button. While I tend to agree with the above, it's bet not to play with it if it is recently pierced...To much handling can create keloids which are ugly and difficult to get rid of...Even if it's healed dont play with it as it could cause the jewelry to migrate if it is pierced too shallow.....Hope this helps...

Can you get your belly button pierced while pregnant?

yes you can but while your giving birth its going to be painful with the ring and may have to rethatch the ring again.

What if you are pregnant with a belly button piercing?

It will probably hurt after a while... Taking it out is probably the best option, you can always get it re-pierced later on.

Is it natural for your belly button to bleed for a while after you've had it pierced?

No I got mine done 4 days ago and it hasn't bled at all.

Why would your belly button piercing be bleeding after you got it pierced a year ago?

If you took it out for a while and put it back in, it might not have been used to it and bled.

Its three days after my belly piercing why it still hurts?

After I got my belly button pierced it hurt for a while .. I went and seen the place where I got it pierced and they told me to clean it more often and wash it while in the shower . Try not to bump the piercing or touch it to much and always have clean hands if you do touch the area

Do u think a 13 year old should get her tung nose and belly button pierced?

Personally...No! Honestly i think you should wait a while i hear that there are many things that could happen if you get your tongue peirced! you should wait a few years before you do that! but you can atleast wait until your 15 to get your belly button pierced.

Belly button itch?

When you have your navel pierced it is normal for it to itch while it is healing. That is just telling you that it is still healing. Don't itch it though. Ignore it, eventually it will pass.

Does it hurt worsed for fat people to her there belly button pierced then skinny people?

Typically, no. It may be more uncomfortable while healing because there's more friction between the belly and clothes because it sticks out farther.

To dream that your bleeding from your belly button?

My son pointed his finger at his wifes belly button & said your belly button is bleeding while still asleep. This scared my daughter in law.

Ive had my belly button pierced but would like to be able to wear a fake belly button ring every once in a while were could i find a place that sells them in Iowa?

Claire's, Ardene's, Spencer's, San Francisco just about any boutique will carry them hidden in some corner.

What is the purpose of the belly button?

your belly button was used to transfer nutrients through the umbilical core from your mother to you while your in the womb.

Why is your navel important?

For many, the belly button is a central focus of the abdomen. The belly button may be small, but it does make a difference. While it may not be necessary for living, a missing belly button just looks strange.

What age do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in Scotland?

If you don't have an adult with you while the piercing is taking place you will need to be 16 with ID. With an adult you can't get it done when your 13. Remember, if 12 you will need adult permission!

How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced in durham and can a 11 year old have it done?

You need to phone your local body piercing studios and ask them about prices and while you are talking to them ask about the age requirements for your area.

Can you get your belly button numbed while getting it pierced?

Yes, if you have a doctor who is willing to numb it with a local anesthetic prior to you going to have it done. It's just like the novacaine your dentist uses before working on your teeth.

Can your belly button move if your pregnant?

I could be wrong but both times during my pregnancy in my first trimesters I seen my belly button move while sitting on the toilet.

How much does it hurt having your belly button pierced?

i really want my belly button pierced i might get it for my 14th, i really want to know how much it hurts too but some people have different ratings and some people say it doesn't hurt at all others say it hurts really bad, I'm a really bad wimp but i think might as well get it done it apparently hurts only for a little while and when its healed its all done x

Worlds largest belly button?

Steven Hehr - His belly button has been known to hold upward of 1.50 in quarters. In his youth, while lounging in a pool, he would fill his belly button with water and use it as an ash tray. This was before his belly button expanded to it's freakishly large size as can be seen today. If you ever wish to see his naval, all you need to do is ask. He relishes in the attention he gets from his gargantuan crater of a belly button.

Why is it hard above the belly button while pregnant?

Depending on how far along you are, the height of your uterus might be above your belly button. Just wait until it is sitting under your ribcage!

Why do I get a tingling feeling when I push on my belly button?

I have alsol had a strange etingling feeling around my belly button for the past while.....I am not supposed to be pregnant.......All the awnsers that i have found say it could be due to pregnancy? If it is when would a person first feel this? Probably your belly button nerves likes it. Maby you should play with it for a while and see if the tingeling goes away

What can you put on new belly piercing while sleeping?

I had my belly pierced last year and it can realy hurt when you have catched it, espesualy a fresh piercing, basicly what i did was fold up some tissue paper make sure that it is big enough to cover your belly button. Then you will need a roll of plasters, you can get this from any chemist. you then stick the tissue paper over the belly piercing and stick it on with the tape. Hope this works xx

Outie belly button?

While most people have a bally button that is an innie, some people have an outie, which is a belly button what protrudes outward. The reason for outies is just simply extra scar tissue. They can also be caused by umbilical hernias.