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Q: Can you give a child with measles ibuprofen?
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How vaccinating a child with MMR vaccine makes them immune to measles?

MMR is measles mumps and rubella. If you give a strain of measles to a child, it's immune system develops anti bodies that destroy the virus, the anti bodies will stay around for ever and the child will be immune to measles as the anti bodies will prevent the measles virus from spreading.

If you had measles as a child best describes your immunity to measles?

Measles is caused by paramyxo virus and although may have infected humans once to give rise to antigens as immunization can again infect humans.

Give you a sentence using the word measles?

It seems as though the measles epidemic in this area is almost over.

How often can you give ibuprofen to a 4 year old child?

every 6 hours

Can you mix ibuprofen and antihistamine for an infant?

Yes - your child can take Ibuprofen & an antihistamine together as long as you ask your physician for the proper dose for the antihistamine as they usually aren't recommended for children under 6. Our daughter contracted the measles from her MMR (yup - that's right, she got the measles from her MMR vaccination) and we were told to give her Acetaminaphine or Ibuprofen & Benadryl to help with itch relief and pain. She was not 2 years old yet. Recently she had RSV and again we were recommended to use a combo - this time Ibuprofen & Triaminic Nighttime. Just check with your pediatrician or advice nurse first for dosage

Is it safe to give a child age 6 a lower dose of adult ibuprofen?

If I were you i would stick with rohypnol.

Can baby take antibiotics if they have measles?

You should only give a baby or child what a doctor prescribes. Measles do not respond to an antibiotic, but he might order some medicated cream or ointment to prevent scratching.

How can you care for a child who has Measles?


What is the prognosis for a healthy child who contracts measles?

The prognosis for an otherwise healthy, well-nourished child who contracts measles is usually quite good.

Can you catch measles by holding a child?

If the child has measels, and you were not vaccinated, then yes you can.

Give Ibuprofen to dog for fever?

Do not give Ibuprofen to a dog; it is not safe to use in dogs.

A child that has not been immunised with the MMR vaccine develops measles suggest a reason why antibiotics will not cure the child of measles?

Measles is a viral infection. Antibiotics treat infections caused by bacteria. Bacteria and viruses are two very different types of germs, and antibiotics will do nothing to cure the measles.