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Give the book to him.

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What verbs can i use in a sentence instead of a to be verb such as Was or were

What is the antecedent for the capitalized pronoun Dave and Jenny are proud of THEIR gift because they bought it with money they earned themselves

What is the verb phrase in the sentence She should not have borrowed your dress

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Q: Can you give an example of a sentence using object pronoun?
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What is an example of a sentence using an object of a preposition?

Example sentence:Mom made cookies for us. (the pronoun 'us' is the object of the preposition 'for')

Can you change this sentence using object pronoun The game wardens noticed the light?

Using an object pronoun, the sentence would be:'The game wardens noticed it.'

What is a sentence using one as a pronoun?

Example sentence: One does the best one can. The pronoun 'one' is a word for an unspecified person.

Using a pronoun in a sentence?

This is a sentence using a pronoun.The word this is a demonstrative pronoun.

Is my sentence correct Thank you for making time for Scott and me?

Yes, the sentence is correct.To help identify that you are using the correct pronoun in a compound subject or object, try the sentence with only the pronoun as the subject or object. Example:Thank you for making time for me. (object of the preposition 'for' takes the objective form 'me')

What is a sentence using the pronoun everyone?

The indefinite pronoun 'everyone' takes the place of an unknown or unnamed number of people. The pronoun 'everyone' will function as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples: Everyone is invited to the picnic. (subject of the sentence) We have enough food for everyone. (object of the preposition 'for')

Can you give an example of a sentence using a pronoun?

HE went to the doctor. the BOY ate the pizza

Is this sentence using the pronouns correctly Jacob and you are going to set a meeting date?

Yes, the only pronoun in the sentence is "you" which is used as part of the compound subject of the sentence.The pronoun "you" can function as a subject or an object in a sentence.

What is a remote reference pronoun?

A remote reference pronoun is a pronoun that takes the place of an antecedent that is mentioned far before the pronoun. It may be difficult to realize what the antecedent for the pronoun is, making the sentence using the pronoun unclear.Example: When I explain it, it does sound confusing.What does 'it' represent in the example? (answer: remote reference pronoun from the first sentence)

Sentence using adjective?

An adjective describes a noun or pronoun. The following sentence is an example of a sentence using an adjective. The lazy dog slept all day. The word lazy is the adjective that describes dog.

What is an example of using the word which as a pronoun?

Here is an example sentence: "We have looked at six different houses. Which do you prefer?" The use of the pronoun 'which' in this sentence specifically means: 'which house of all those we have looked at' The word 'which' is used in many different ways as a pronoun. For more information and examples, see Related links below.

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