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Q: Can you give an example of feature writing on global warming?
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Background of the study of global warming?

The background to global warming is as a result of the recent and on going climate change. Flooding in the low lands is just an example of the global warming.

What is a non example of theory?

Global warming

Is pollution a global issue or a environmental issue?

Yes it is because it is global warming and any country has global warming for example the Netherlands it's due global warming if not that country will be in a hazard of flooding !

What are some examples of investigatory projects for global warming?

The Changes in climate of a certain area is an example of an investigatory project for global warming. Irregular climate and weather patterns is another example of the investigatory projects for global warming.

What is the global effects of air pollution?

There are many effects. Global warming is a example.

What is an example of an issue that is of international interest?

global warming

Is it 'global warming' or 'global warning'?

Global Warming.

Which of the following global issues dose the 1997 Kyoto protocol address?

global warming!!!!!!

What is a thesis statement on the causes and effects of global warming?

There are several thesis statements one could make about global warming and its effects in the world. For example: Global warming is resulting in more frequent and more severe weather events.

What is an example of a natural and human-made disaster?

tsunami and global warming

Which of the following is an example of human impact on climate changes?

Global Warming

Why does global warming decrease temperatures?

True global warming does not decrease temperatures. So, either the model for global warming's effects is hokus-pokus, or global warming as presently claimed, does not exist. Some global warming followers will have you believe that global warming makes the weather "act crazy". If true, then it is not really global warming, is it.