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Q: Can you go to Morocco with a past felony conviction?
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How long does a conviction for a felony stay on your record in Ohio?

It doesn't go away. You get a felony (or misdemeanor) conviction on your adult record, it's on there for life. Even juvenile convictions don't simply go away - the records just get sealed when you turn 18.

Can you own a firearm in Ohio if you had a felony ex- ponged?

No. Expungement does not make your conviction go away.

Can you go to law school in Ohio with a State Felony conviction?

Yes but finding a job may be difficult

How does conviction of felony affect military retirement?

it doesn't do anything. It will make the military person go to jail.

Can you travel to turkey with Drugs Conviction?

Sure, they will let you go....just make sure your plane ticket is only for one can not get a passport back to the u.s.a. if you have a felony conviction.

Does a 14 year old felony prohibit from firearm purchase?

Yes. A felony conviction is not like a traffic ticket - it doesn't go away with time, but rather, stays with you for life.

How can you expunge your criminal background in order to get your gun rights back?

Expungement won't restore firearms rights. It places your conviction out of the public eye; it doesn't make it go away. If your conviction was for something which is ONLY a felony at state level (not under federal law), you can apply for relief of disability. If it's a federal felony, or a domestic violence conviction, you're pretty much out of luck.

Can you buy a gun if you were charged with a felony 10 years ago?

A felony does not go away unless the conviction is expunged from your record by govt. officials. Because of this, it doesn't matter how long ago you were convicted of a felony, owning, purchasing, or being in possession of a firearm is illegal.

Will a felony conviction keep you from appling for a pharmaceutical job?

For an accurate answer you must go to the website for your particular state's pharmacy licensing authority and read the requirements.

Does Oregon restore gun rights after you get a felony expunged?

No. Expungement only makes your conviction hidden from the general public - it doesn't make it go away.

Can you get a teaching certificate in Ohio if you have a felony?

No. A felony conviction disqualifies one from obtaining a teaching certificate in any state. Actually I know that it depends on the state as far as how their laws go. obviously if you have a violent conviction, a sexual related conviction or a drug related conviction, you would not be allowed to get a teaching certificate. I am asking however, about a non-violent, non-sexual, non-drug related crime. I had read previously that Ohio's law is that you must wait 5 years from the date of your conviction and I was just wondering if this was in fact true.

Does Germany have restrictions on persons with a felony drug conviction entering their country?

Well, I wouldn't want druggies in my country. But, go to a embassy, this site won't get you no where ;p