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Yes, you can attend Med School with any type of bachelor's degree. You just have to make sure that you have the school's required science course requirements (if there are any) and that you have enough science knowledge to do well on the MCAT. So although you can do a B.A. in Poli Sci (or whatever) you would probably still want to take some science courses so that you can actually be accepted! They say to Major in what you like so that your GPA will be higher and then you have a chance of getting in! :)

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Q: Can you go to med school with a ba in poli sci?
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What is the Last date for admission in sol for BA pol sci honours course?

The Last date for admission in sol for BA pol sci honours course is June 17.

What is the duration of study to b a gynaecologist?

about 12 years...this includes BA, med school, and internship...could take a bit more for a speciality

What training do you need to become a cardiologist?

4-year college BA, MD and PhD from a med school, and specialty training for the cardiology-specific part.

What is the path for becoming a radiologist?

First you have to go through and get a BA or BS degree then go to med school (4 years) then a 7 year residency in radiology.

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What college has the best pre-med program in Illinois?

Northwestern is a top notch school to go to, but really expensive, I mean majoring in Pre Med means you're taking a bunch of science courses, I would just do BA or BS in Bio, if you do good, maintain a decent GPA, your more than likely to go to any Med School you want to

Can you apply for med school with a BSN or just a BA?

You can apply with either degree type. You just have to make sure you have completed all the prerequisite coursework required by medical schools.

How many high school credits should you have if you want to get into Harvard Med?

High school credits don't matter here. You need to go to a university and have a BA/BS to apply to ANY medical school. Forget high school. It is the college that counts and that you have 4 years completed.

What classes do you have to take to be psychiatrist?

You have to go to Medical School to be a Psychiatrist. A real Medical School not one of those ones they advertise for on television. You need a BA degree before Med School in which you could major in Psychology but I'm not even sure it's necessary. You could be a Psychologist with just a BA but most places doing the hiring want a Psychologist who has a Masters degree. Bottom line, both are going to require a lot more time, energy, and money than you have realized.

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How many years of school do you need for a BA?

A Batchelor of Arts (Ba) is a university degree that will take 3-4 years of undergraduate study - that is after you leave school at 18.

Is an associates required for a ba?

No. You can go to school for just a BA without having first obtained an associates degree.