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Yes!My cousin looks JUST like me, someone thought we were twin brother and sisterz cuz we look SO MUCH alike! x

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Yes its possible

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Q: Can you have a twin cousin?
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Does Miley have a twin?

No. Miley Cyrus does not have a twin. She has a twin cousin but only in the series Hannah Montana. She does not have a twin cousin either.I hope this answer helped you

Does Hannah Montana really have a twin cousin?


In new moon are Jane and her twin Brother Cousin's with the Cullen's?


Does Selena Gomez have a cousin who has a sister?

Cleo Gomez is Selena's cousin from her dad side of family, and she have a twin and a step-sister!

What relation am I when my grandma has a twin so then what is the relationship between my moms cousins son and myself. He is not really her son she never adopted him married to dad 42 years?

Your mother's cousin's son who was not adopted would be your second cousin (step-cousin.)

What is the plural possessive of cousin?

The plural form of the singular noun cousin is cousins. The plural possessive form is cousins'.example: Should I give matching gifts for my twin cousins' birthday?

What movie and television projects has Lori Sigrist been in?

Lori Sigrist has: Played Twin Cousin in "Beaches" in 1988. Played Bowling Twin in "Frankie and Johnny" in 1991. Played Gong Ringer in "Exit to Eden" in 1994. Played Adult Twin Nurse in "Dear God" in 1996. Played Twin Reporter in "The Princess Diaries" in 2001.

Does Miley Cyrus have a twin cousin?

no. the girl in that Hannah Montana episode doesnt even look like miley. she had like a ton of makeup on to make her look like that.

What was the name of Jethro Bodine's cousin on the Beverly Hillbillies?

Jed's daughter Elly May Clampett (Donna Douglas) is Jethro's cousin. Technically he and his "Uncle Jed" are also cousins, because he is the son of Jed's cousin Pearl. Jethrine Bodine (also played by Max Baer, Jr.) was Jethro's twin sister.

Does natasha bedingfield have a younger cousin who is a singer?

No, Natasha has 2 twin younger cousins named Cullen and Riley Bedingfeild who are currently freshmen in highschool ! glad to help xoxo

Is Jermaine Jackson a cousin or brother to Michael Jackson?

yes he has 6 brothers Jackie tito marlon--he had a twin brother Brandon that died at birth Michael randy

What is the mattress size for a twin mattress?

Twin-size mattress is a wider cousin of Single-size mattress. Ideal for single adults and small spaces, Twin-size mattress can also fit in well in a room measuring at least 10.5 feet by 8.5 feet. Twin-size mattress gives you extra width to stretch yourself while sleeping and allows you to be a little more carefree with the space on your bed.