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Q: Can you inject kool-aid
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Who like koolaid?

I like Koolaid i do 2 hope did this

When was Koolaid Moustache in Jonestown created?

Koolaid Moustache in Jonestown was created in 1997.

Does koolaid affect the grouth of plant?

No, koolaid does not, but different flavors can. Punch and Grape can.

Which is more concentrated 2 spoons of koolaid and water or 3 spoons of koolaid and water?

2 spoons

How do you get koolaid out?

oxi clean

Does koolaid stain hair?

No it does not. If Koolaid gets on your hair just wash it off. It might me a little sticky but it will not stain.

What was koolaid made for?

black people

Is koolaid bad?

Yes. It will kill you.

What is your favorite kind of juice?


What is koolaid powder a example of?

A subsolid

Does koolaid with water melt faster?

Depends on what you are comparing it to. For say, water with Koolaid and water without. Also, the temperature or the two kicks in.

What does don't go up in my koolaid mean?

"Get out my koolaid", is synonymous with "Get out my face." The act of creating space from one's personal space, or business.