Can you ionize steam using magnetic field?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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Q: Can you ionize steam using magnetic field?
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How efficient is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is relatively efficient. It functions by using strong magnetic fields to reverse blood clotting, ionize the blood and increase the efficiency of the cells by exposing them to a strong magnetic field.

What are some science sentences using magnetic field?

This high speed train is elevated above the rails with a magnetic field.

How do you compare magnetic moments of two magnets using deflection magnetometer?

introduce it in magnetic field.

How does magnetism cause an object to move?

All magnets have a magnetic field If the object that you want to move by using the magnet is with in the magnets magnetic field it will move.

How yo find the magnetic field of earth at a particular place?

Using a compass is the easiest way. The needle is going to point to the Magnetic North Pole. That means that the compass needle is ALIGNED with the Magnetic Field Lines of the Earth's magnetic field at your current position.

How does the starting of synchronous motor using dc generator as a load work-?

Starting of the synchronous motor using the DC generator creates a magnetic field.

What is one of using a bar magnet as a model of earths magnetic field?


How do you produce a uniform magnetic field?

To make a long story short I wanna mention the name of several methods to make uniform dc magnetic fields: Using the space inside a solenoid Using the Helmholtz coil Using the Maxwell coil as all of these configurations take benefits of the phenomena in which current produces a magnetic field, the amplitude of the magnetic field would be easily controlled by control upon the current passes the loops of windings.

Is electromagnetism is possible with AC?

AC current creates an alternating magnetic field, consistent with the alternating voltage. The only way I know of using AC current to create a constant magnetic field is to rectify the AC into DC and then use that DC to create the magnetic field.

What is one benefit of using a bar magnet as a model of earths magnetic field?


What is one benefit of using a bar magnet as a model of earth's magnetic field?


How the compass works?

The Earth has a magnetic field approximately like a magnetic dipole, with the magnetic field S pole near the Earth's geographic north pole and the other magnetic field N pole near the Earth's geographic south pole. A compass can determining direction relative to the Earth's magnetic poles by using a magnetized pointer (usually marked on the North end) which is pivoting free to align itself with Earth's magnetic field.