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A charge, or an actual conviction? If you have a past charge for which you were found not guilty, yes. If the charge is pending, or if you've actually been convicted, then no. Why? Well, in the case of a pending charge, you simply can't enlist with pending criminal charges. In the case of a conviction, what do you handle in the military? Firearms. And what, under federal law, are you not permitted to purchase, possess, or be granted access to with a felony conviction or with a domestic violence conviction, whether it be a misdemeanor or felony? Firearms.

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Q: Can you join the army with a domestic assault misdemeanor charge?
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Can you join the army with a assault charge that was dismissed?

If the charge was not specifically related to domestic violence, yes. All documents showing the charge was dismissed must be provided to your recruiter for submission with your initial packet.

Can you join army is domestic assault charges were dismissed but still on record?

This question can only be answered by your recruiter. It may depend on the circumstances surrounding the charge. Ask the recruiter, that's what he's there for.

Can you join the army with a gross misdemeanor?

they wont if its a drug charge, other wise your good to go

Will Salvation Army house someone overnight if they have a simple assault charge on them?

Without having all the details generally yes.

What crimes do you have to commit in order to not be able to en list in the army?

Any felony, any domestic violence conviction (whether a misdemeanor or felony), and similar convictions.

If you are 17 but you have had an assault charge or domestic violence charge can you stll enlist into the army?

if you was convited as an adult on domestic violence charge you can never buy or own a gun thanks to law Clinton passed while president. it cost some police there jobs and affected the military too. what was stupid is the law was rectroactive,meaning it covers even before the bill was passed. but cheer up the way the world is going the country may be happy to get anybody to join before it is over.

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If you have a Misdemeanor can you still go to the army?

Misdemeanor's are normally negotiable; only the recruiter will be knowledgable about the current regulations.

Can you enlist in the army with a misdemeanor charge?

Depends on the charge, as long as it has nothing to do with drugs you should be good as of 20 May 2010. Your best bet is to consult with a local recruiter and allow them the opportunity to check the current regulations and rules.

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