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In a simple answer to your question, "No, at least not in my experience." I wrote an article b/c I used to have a BIG problem with algae overgrowth in my aquarium. It is a Step-by-Step, easy guide on how to get rid of the nasty, slimey stuff. My aquarium is now crystal clear, due to following the expert advice of other tank owners. There are natural ways to kill algae in your aquarium. Below, I will post a the techniques I used to get rid of the algae. The article is entitles: "How to Kill Algae in Your Aquarium". Look below (under Related Links) and click on link to get the info. you need. It will help! :-)

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Q: Can you kill algae by just using algaecide?
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Will muriatic acid kill algae?

No. It takes chorine or non-chlorine shock to kill algae. An algaecide is usually used in conjunction with shock to kill algae.

What do you use algicide for in the pool?

Algaecide is used to kill and or prevent algae. Pool & Spa.

How do you treat black algae in pool?

To treat black algae you will need to add an algaecide to your pool water. These are specifically designed to kill and prevent algae.

What is an algicide?

An algicide (or algaecide) is a substance which kills or inhibits the growth of algae.

How much chlorine do I add to kill algae?

Chlorinate it to the max or shock the pool An get some algaecide into it as wel as well.

Does Chlorine make pool water green?

No, algae makes your pool water green. Use chlorine to kill the algae and maybe a good algaecide to keep it clear.

How do you kill green algae in an above ground pool with a saltwater system?

Get an algaecide and follow the instructions. it makes no difference what sort of pool you have.

Can saltwater kill algae in a pool Or chlorine can kill algae in a pool Please help?

Salt water pools are chlorine pools it just that the chlorine is electronically made from the salt. Salt water pools have problems with algae the same as just freshwater chlorine pools. If you are lucky you may be able to nip algae in the but by over chlorinating but more often then not you would be well advised to throw some algaecide in the pool to kill it of. (Always follow the directions on the bottle.)

How do you kill green pool water?

Chlorine and Algaecide, and flocculate then when the algae is dead vacuum it to waste from the bottom of the pool. ( Follow the instructions on the containers)

Why do you get heavy algae growth in your pool a day or two after using algaecide?

I just had a similar problem so I'll tell you what cleared mine up. I wasn't using enough Algaecide in my pool to correct the problem. I have about 32,000 gallons and the pool company recommended a quart and a half of an algaecide with 7% copper. I found mine at WalMart and it only had 3% copper, but it worked fine. Some of the products do not contain copper, they informed me, and copper is a necessary ingredient to kill the algae. Pour it in and let it sit overnight. Then vaccumm to WASTE the walls and bottom. The algae is so fine that it will remain in your filter and keep flowing back to your pool if you vac the pool in the normal way. The Copper ingredient bonds to the algae for removal. After the pool is clean, add a few ounces of the algaecide each week. I need to add about 6 oz. Let us know if this works for you.

Will chlorine kill algae?

Yes; it will kill just about anything.

What is a sand-like residue on the bottom of your above ground pool and how can you get rid of it?

If it isn't gritty when it may be dead algae. Have you recently used algaecide to kill existing algae growth? If you determine that it is dead algae then you may have to vaccuum it right to waste as it may be too fine for your filter to remove.

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