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Can you list some of the most popular amateur summer wrestling camps?


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2015-07-15 18:44:46
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Well if you are referring to Professional Wrestling Camps, you might want to look into the Development League fo the WWE. I trained there and worked many house shows and work for PWA and Ted DiBiase now. Its called Ohio Valley Wrestling. 500 dollars a month can guarantee you 5 weeks of training with Amateur trainer Mike Mondo once you pass his short instructional class and sessions you will move on to Lance Storm and Bill DeMott. Then you will do Dark Matches and House Shows ( At High Schools ). It is a really great way to become a successful wrestler...Once you get half-way decent... You might get signed to a Developmental Deal.


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I could find no popularity data for themed summer camps. It may not be available.

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Depending on what kind of summer camp you are looking for, and how old you are, the ost recongized summer camp are the music summer camps. THere are many summer camps that are free and fun.

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Summer music camps are very good experiences for teenagers. The School of Rock Summer camps are popular right now. A lot of colleges have summer music camps for juniors and seniors, and they introduce the kids to their music programs.

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There are many kinds of teen summer camps. These include both specialized camps such as teen boot camps and also general summer camps.

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There are many different types of summer camps. There are sleep-a-way camps and day camps. There are also different themes of summer camps, such as theatre camp, band camp, and sports camps.

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