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Yes you just need permission from the district

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Q: Can you live in one district and go to school in another?
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If you live in one school district and send your children to another school out of district using the other parents address a crime?

Usually it is. It's an attempt to defraud the school system.

If you live in one school district and send your children to another school out of district using a false address in order to avoid the tuition is this considered a felony?

this is considered a felony because they are paying for only the students that live in the district and you will be asked to go to court

Can a student in South Carolina schools live in one district and go to school in another?

Yes if the student can get a release from the residing district and approval from the receiving district. The student may also have to pay tuition to the receiving district. Another way is for the student to own property in the receiving district in his or her name.

If you own a home in one school district but your children sometimes stay overnight at a home that is in another school district then what school should the children attend?

Their primary residence address determines their school district.

Can a child in one district attend school in another district If so how would this be possible?

Yes he can attend the school of other district. for that he have to take admission in the desire college he want

Do you have to live in Philadelphia to be a teacher in the Philadelphia school district?

No. The School District of Philadelphia does not have a residency requirement. There used to be one, but it was eliminated about seven years ago.

Can i change high schools just because the other one is closer to where i live Like I live in the school district of my school but that's 6 miles away and I literally live 1.5 miles from the other one?

You may be able to change, but it is up to the school district. Call them or go to their offices and fill out the forms.

Is it legal for your parents to move you to a different district just because you're seeing a girl they don't like at your school?

Your legal guardians are responsible for your education. They can enroll you in a private school, provide you with a tutor, home school you, or insist that you change school districts without giving any cause. The school district itself has the option of rejecting your transfer if you do not live within their boundaries. Schools rarely reject transfer applications unless they are already at capacity. My own parents had me transferred from one school to another when I was in the sixth grade. I had both my daughters transferred from one school district to another, twice while they were growing up. All we told the school district was that it was more convenient for us.

Is there one superintendent per school or is it one per district?

One per school district (in the USA).

I have a house in one school district and an appartment in another school district Can I choose which district I want to send my children to?

yes, by law you can send your children to school anywhere you choose. This applies to public schools only, and may differ amongst private schools.

What happens if i don't say the truth about my residence status at my school?

If it deals with a location of where you are living in the school district the school district will ask you to go to the school whose district where you live. You can put in for an inter district transfer to the school you want to go to, but if you lie about your address it is very likely the school will find out. If you get into trouble at school that will become a factor if you get to stay or not. If you are asking about a US residency qualification there isn't one.

Which elementary schools feed to Day Middle School in the Temecula Valley Unified School District?

This depends on where you live, one of the schools is sparkman.