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You can't. You can get a carfax report and it will tell you what has been happening and where it has been registered, but you cannot locate the car owners address.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-06 15:47:03
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Q: Can you locate a car you used to own using its VIN number?
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What does the vin tell you?

VIN stands for vehicle identification number. Each car is given a unique VIN number. If the vehicle is lost or stolen, this unique number can be used to locate the car.

how to find the owner of a vehicle using the vin number?

how to find the owner of a vehicle using the vin number

Where do you locate a 1998 Nissan patrol engine number?

8th number/letter in VIN

Can you find an old car you used to own if i knowthe former tag number?

The department of motor vehicles should have that information, using the "tag" to discover what the vehicle identification number is, then using the vin to locate the car; getting them to do this for you may be an entirely different matter though.

How do you locate a car you used to own?

if you have the vin # you can get a carfax and it will let you know

Can you locate an old car with an old tag number?

Old tag number, I doubt it, vin number, maybe.

Where can i locate a 88 f250 computer using the VIN number to identify the right part since ten are available for that year?

Parts store. Dealer parts department.

How can you find out the year of a Kawasaki 250 using the VIN number?

go to then type in the vin.

Can you locate your car by the VIN?

Yea you can

Where can you get new key for your 2000 Mitsubishi mirage?

You can get a key from the manufacturer with the vin number, or you can go to a locksmith and it can be ordered using the vin number.

How to find your car's last owner using the VIN number?

You can not find the last owner from the VIN number due to privacy issue.

How do you locate a vehicle with a 13 digit VIN?

You can not actually locate a vehicle with a VIN number without access to law enforcement or DMV databases. A service like Carfax will tell you the general location it was last registered at. On the dashboard, just below the windshield (driver's side)--you can find your Vin #

How can I decode vin on my car?

Yes it is possible to decode your vin number. I can suggest a good website called You will be able to decode your car's vin number by using this site.

Can the police locate car by vin?

A Vehicle Identification Number is permanently tied to registration and ownership records, and is commonly used as a secondary identification for a car, after the license place and cymbal. This is something like using fingerprints and photographs. A picture is distributed and confirmed with fingerprints. A car license place is distributed and confirmed with a VIN. As with a fingerprint, if only a VIN is known then the license place and owner can also be found.

Where is vin plate on 1977 Honda motorcycle?

The VIN number is on the neck of the motorcycle frame, i.e. where the handlebars are attached to the frame. This is true of many different models of bikes. While sitting on the bike, it is on the right side. This is easy to locate but do not confuse the VIN number with the engine number.

How can you decode the VIN from your 1969 Jeep?

The vehicle identification number is a 16 -digit number. The number is located at the door lining and is decoded using the VIN decoder.

What is a vin number for?

A vin number is the vehicle identification number. Each car has their own unique vin which is used by the DMV and the police department to identify a specific car easily.

Can you make a 2007 Peterbilt key by using the VIN number?

Yes. The VIN number can be used to determine which key model yours uses. There's only a limited number of key cuts that these truck manufacturers use - each key is not unique.

What does it mean when car has No VIN?

Some of the early vehicles used the engine number as a vin.

What are vin numbers used for?

The vin number is the number of your car, it is specific to your car or someones car and no other car will have the same number. Vin numbers are only to specify the owner of the car.

Where is the vin numbers located on subaru wrx?

Usually, the vin number on any car is visible thru the windshield on the drivers side. This is done to help anyone trying to locate it.

Find out a car registration number using the chassis number?

You can not find a car registration number using the chassis number. You can only identify it by using the VIN, or vehicle identification number.

Can you find rearend gear ratios using your VIN number?


where do I look up vin numbers?

You will locate the vin numbers through this web site it is easy to use and complete. I have used this one before.

How do you locate a vehicle by the VIN?

if you pay a fee for carfax