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Yes. There are many reasons for a license to be revoked but the main one is improper use of the machine or dangerous use of teh machine.

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Q: Can you loose your fork lift license?
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Does fork lift license expire?

yes it does

Do you have to drivers license to be a forklift operator?

You have to have a fork lift operators license

What happen to lift forks if heated?

When a fork is heated it may loose its temper what happens to the metal in this state?

How do you get a fork lift truck job with a license with no experience?

i am complete for one year experiance. and good performance for in job

Can anyone with a valid drivers license operate a lift truck?

With or without a drivers license you must carry with you a valid certificate to prove that you have been trained and tested to legally operate a fork/lift truck for commercial use.

What class a b c for tow motor?

No motor vehicle license is required on private property. The tow motor/fork lift truck is not designed to be driven on public roads, but you do have to be certified to operate a tow motor/fork lift truck.

What is the difference between the weight of the fork lift and a car?

Depends on the fork lift and the car.

Do you need a license to operate a fork lift?

nope. if its on your property or a company must e atleast 18 but we all know that's bull.

Does Mitsubishi make fork lift trucks?

Yes, Mitsubishi does make fork lift trucks. Depending on the model and style fork lift you are looking for, Mitsubishi offers a wide variety of models.

How long does fork lift ticket last?

Fork lift truck trainig ticket when passed how long does it last

What is the cost to train one person to be a Fork Lift Operator?

Fork Lift training can be acquired for around $50.

What do the front wheels of a fork lift serve as?

The front wheels on a fork lift are load bearing and the drive wheels.