Can you make a penny float?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Put it on a boat?

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Q: Can you make a penny float?
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How do you make a penny float?

the way to make a penny float is the same way as making an egg float.All you have to do is add salt alot until you see the penny float and that's about it

Why will a penny float in cooking oil?

it will float bc the penny is so light that it should float.

How can a penny float?

A penny will not float in water, mainly because it is denser than water. When the penny is placed in water, it displaces a volume of water equal to its own volume. Since the penny weighs more than the water it displaces, it will sink.So, in order for the penny to float, you must find a liquid that is denser than solid copper -- or whatever metal or alloy a penny is made of. Mercury -- which is a liquid at room temperature -- is denser than copper. Hence, a penny will float in mercury.Possibly surface tension may allow it to float.

Why does a boat float in salt water but not a penny?

penny's aren't tall enough!

Why doesn't a penny float in the water?

because you're fat

Why will the penny float if you toss it in a wishing well full of a liquid denser than the coin?

no it wuld float on surface......

Does a new penny float in hcl?

when the penny is reacted with HCl, there must be somesort of area where the copper on the outside of the penny is removed so that the HCl can react with the zinc inside because HCl does not react with copper. Once the HCl reacts with the Zn inside, it will dissapear and therefore become less dense then the ZnCl2 that is formed which causes the penny to float

How do you make a chocolate sink or float?

How can you make a chocolate float or sink

What make stuff sink and float?

what make stuff sink or and float

Why does a penny sinks in water whereas ships doesnot sink in water?

All pure metal sinks, only by entrapping air in waterproof compartments can you make it (ships) float.

What did the penny say to the penny?

We make perfect CENTS.

How do you make things float?

You can't make things float, things float by it's self's it's density is lower than 1 it can float, if it's density is greater than 1 it can't float.