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A digit is that which we used to count numbers.

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Q: Can you make a sentence with digit?
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What is the largest digit that can be placed in the blank in 4 84 4678 to make the sentence true?


Can you show me a sentence with the word deletion in it?

The deletion of one digit from one number can make it very difficult to balance your checkbook.

How do you used the word digit in a sentence?

The decimal's tenth digit was 8.

Can you use digit in a sentence?

yes you can

Can you give me a sentence with the word digit in it?

The digit 6 is in the hundreds place value in the number 657.

What 4 digit numbers can you make out of 0123?

what is the greatest 4-digit number you can make with the digit 0,1,2,3, and 4

What is the largest 4-digit odd number you can make?

what is the largest 4-digit number you can make

A sentence with the word digit?

there are a lot of digits in the number 243,666,198

How many 1 digit numbers can make with 123 digits?

With 123 digits you can make 123 one-digit numbers.

How do you document military time in a sentence?

Military time uses the 24 hour clock and concatenates the 2-digit hours and 2-digit minutes together to form a four-digit number.

What is a sentence with the word digit?

Your finger is a digit.This is a single digit.Please enter your four digit PIN number.

Give you a 10 word sentence for the word digit?

In these cases the digit itself, or decimal multiples, seem to have been used.

What is the digit 8 four times to make 89?

use the digit 8 four time to make 89

I am the smallest 6-digit even number you can make My ones digit is twice my tens digit What number am I?


Is considered a significant digit when it is to the left or the right of the decimal point and do it follows a non-zero digit?

If I understand this convoluted sentence correctly, then think it is true.

How do you make 6789 into a four digit number?

It is already a four-digit number.

How do you write a multiplication sentence for 88?

88 is a two - digit number in maths

What are an addition sentence that uses the same digit for both addends and the sum?

0+0 = 0

What digit will make 29 divisible by 3?

29 is not divisible by 3 and how any digit will alter that depends on how that digit is to interact with 29.

What is the number sentence of the greatest product of a 1 digit number multiplied by a 1 digit number?

max[x*y | x and y belong to {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}]

Which is the smallest digit 3 or 300?

300 is not a digit so the question does not make sense.

What 2 digit number added together make a 4 digit number?


How do you multiply a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number?

Using a calculator will make it easier

A 3-digit number has a 2 in the hundreds place and a 2 in the tens place Which digit could be placed in the ones digit to make the 3-digit number a multiple of 3?

2,5 or 8

How do you make a sentence of simple sentence?

Can you make a sentence with I am? OK