Can you make a shadow

Updated: 9/16/2023
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yes of course you need a solid object called an opaq object blocks the sun on one particular spot cuasing a dark figure on the ground

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Q: Can you make a shadow
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Will they make a shadow unleashed?

I dont think they will ever make a shadow unleashed

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What passes by the sun yet does not make a shadow?

I pass before the sun, yet make no shadow. what am I?

Does every object make a shadow?

no some types of glass can have no shadow

What make the shadow during a lunar eclipse?

It's the Earth's shadow.

Did Honda make a 700 shadow and a 750 shadow in 1985?

Yes they did.

How does puppet make a shadow on the screen?

The shadow could be a dog or bird like that.

How are shadow puppets used?

shadow puppets are puppets which are used to make a shadow to represent something, they are generally used in front of a light to create a better shadow :)

How do you construct a shadow box?

you make it

Who make shadow?

the king of poland does

Did shadow and Amy make silver?

No they did not!

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