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yes. if the flash light produces enough heat

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Which would melt more ice?

ice would melt but by what? are you comparing it to ice and icecream ?but ice would melt

Is rock salt the same as ice melt?

Ice melt and rock salt are both used to melt ice, but they are different things. The catalyst in ice melt is calcium chloride. Ice melt generates heat immediately when poured on ice.

What animals that melt ice?

Animals do not melt ice.

How does flour melt ice?

No, flour does not melt ice

Does sugar help melt ice?

Yes, sugar helps melt ice. It helps melt ice because sugar increases the melting point of the ice which causes it to melt.

What happens if you melt an ice cube?

it will become water If you melt an ice cube it will melt

Will a diamond melt ice?

if you mean will diamond melt as ice? no

Can kitty liter melt ice?

No, it cannot melt ice.

Is salt the same as ice melt?

no, but ice melt is a salt

What will make ice melt best?

The most common way to melt ice is to subject ice to heat. The hotter the temperature, the faster the ice will melt

Does an ice cube melt faster in ice or oil?

In oil. Ice doesn't melt in ice at all.

How does fertilizer melt ice?

Fertilizer has salt in it, which would cause the ice to melt. When salt is placed on ice it reacts with it, causing it to melt.

What is in ice melt?

Ice melt is made up of chemicals that are intended to melt ice. These chemicals often include salt as well.

Why does salt melt in ice?

Salt doesn't melt in ice. Salt lowers the freezing point of water. Which causes the ice to melt.

How does lemon juice melt ice?

the acid will melt the ice cookies

Can garlic powder melt ice?

No garlic powder can not melt ice.

Will an ice cube melt in oil?

If the oil is warmer than the ice cube then the ice will melt.

Does baking powder work to melt ice?

Yes, it could melt on ice.

What has to happen to melt ice?

the ice melt when there s some heat move into it.

Will paprika melt ice faster than salt?

Paprika will NOT melt ice.

Does the ice on mount Everest melt?

No,the ice on Mount Everest never melt

What melt ice faster salt or sand?

Salt will melt ice faster.

When will ice melt in celcius?

0° Celsius is the temperature at which ice starts to melt.

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