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Can you mix cake flour with cake mix?


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well the cake mix might have flour with it so i think you don't need to add cake flour.

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what is cake flour because i havent heard of it or seen it

If one is making a cake from scratch I think so, but I do not usually have cake flour on hand so I use all purpose flour. If your baking from a mix, the flour is already in the mix.

Yes you can! I tried doing it on a cake and it turn out great. :)

A cake mix you just add water,cake flour is heat treated and as different gluten content and can only be usedas a part of a scratch recipe.

it depend on how much cake we are making

you might have to add more cake mix

Do you mean a cake mix? If so, you need to butter the pan, and then flour the pan. After you remove the excess flour, then you can put the cake mix in the pan.

activated yeast or soak instant yeast in water and add them in. if you want to make all purpose flour you can mix cake flour with bread flour 50-50.

No. Cake flour is just flour with a bit of cornstarch. Baking mix includes baking powder and/or baking soda, salt and some type of fat as well as flavorings and preservatives.

Probably but you might not like the thing that comes out

No it Can't Because the Self - Raising Flour Raises the cake or whatever you are making. So unless You Want a flat cake then.... Baking mix can not be substituted for self - raising flour. :)

A cake mix has sugar, baking powder, salt and flavoring already in it. That would make it very hard to use in replace of just the flour in another recipe. If you have a cake mix, make that cake, following the instructions on the package. Although, you can modify most cake mixes by adding nuts, flavorings, fruit, etc. to it.

toss them with a bit of the dry cake mix or flour before mixing in at the last minute. the dry flour or mix will help the raisins "grab" onto the batter.

cake mix is wrong, The first ready-mix food to be sold commercially was Aunt Jemima pancake flour. It was invented in St. Joseph, Missouri and introduced in 1899

Yes, just like flour has an expiration date. That box of cake mix should have an expiration date on it somewhere.

It depends, you can use corn flour, rice flour, or even vanilla cake mix as a flour if you are making cookies :)

If you forget to mix in the flour you end up with a very hard sugary mixture which is a nightmare to clean. It seems to be the main part of a cake as you know if you've forgotten the flour. If your unsure try forgetting the flour!

no, self raising flour or baking powder is used

I assume you are using a cake mix. If the cake is chocolate, try dusting your greased pan with cocoa.

No, adding additional all purpose flour to a standard cake mix would not affect the taste as much as it would affect the texture and produce a heavy cake that might not rise properly.

If you want a simple cake mix, cream 4oz of butter with 4oz of caster sugar then add 2 eggs then slowly add 4oz of self-raising flour. But if you want to make a thicker cake mix, add more flour!

Yes it can be baked. Chop it in small pieces and put it through a mixer and then mix it with the flour or cake mix

There is cake flour that you can buy from the store if you want to make it from scratch.I can found it in my local walmart.But thee are no chemicals in cake.

Absolutely Best Brownies Funnel Cake funnel cake recipe with self rising flour

To make 2 cups of cake flour: 1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup cornstarch Mix the two ingredients together and you have a substitute for cake flour! Measure and use the correct amount in which they ask for in your selected recipe.

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