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Neptunium can react with the majority of other nonmetals.

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Q: Can you mixed Neptunium with elements?
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How was neptunium separated into individuals elements?

Neptunium is an individual element; isotopes of neptunium are not separated.

What are the elements that make neptunium?

Neptunium itself is an element, the simplest form of matter.

Where does neptunium fit on the periodic table?

Neptunium is a member of the actinides group.

What elements react with neptunium?

Neptunium is a reactive metal and can react with the majority of non metals.

What does neptunium contain?

As all the chemical elements neptunium contain protons, neutrons and electrons.

What elements before neptunium are not found in nature?

All the elements before neptunium are found in the nature. Also neptunium can be found in the nature only in ultratraces resulting from nuclear weapons experiments or other experiments.

What is the family name for neptunium?

Neptunium is a member of the actinoids family.

What is a slogan for neptunium?

no slogans for chemical elements

What are elements that are made in laboratory?

Manmade elements. These have traditionally been considered to be: Technetium, Promethium, Neptunium, and all elements beyond Neptunium. However trace levels of several of these have since then been detected naturally.

What are vthe elements that are named after the palanets?

Mercury, Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium.

Which element is radioactive and synthetic?

All transuranic elements are synthetic and radioactive.

What is the ninety third element in the periodic table of the elements?

Neptunium is element 93.