Can you pay a credit card with a credit card?

Answer Yes you can! The method is called : Balance transfer. I did it for 2 months in a row. I had no money to pay my VISA card. However, my Discover card had $1000.00 of credit available. My Visa card bill wanted a minimum payment of $300.00. So I transferred $300 from my Discover card (which I was not using anyway) to my Visa card. The next month, I did not have money enough to pay all my bills. So I transferred $ again from Discover to Visa. I did an online Balance transfer.

*NOTE Balance transfers do not get approved right away. It can take anywhere from 3-14 business days. Depends on what credit card company it is & depends on the amount of the transfer. So leave yourself enough time before the due date of the credit card (you are transferring money to).

Also, be careful with this... the fees for balance transfers can sometimes be steep, and they will increase your debt. Every credit card is adding interest to your debt each month, so don't get yourself into a situation where you are just adding debt and never have a chance to get out.