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The premium charged for health insurance is based on a person's health, medical history, age, amounts of deductibles and co-payments and the "richness" of the benefits provided by the policy. "Richness" refers to the extent of benefits provided, the degree of choice of providers, annual and lifetime benefit limits, and other factors.

With respect to any insurance, premium is always paid in advance, so almost by definition, a premium has been paid at the time the insurance is used (if it was not timely paid, the policy would normally have been canceled). In fact, before a policy is initially issued, a premium must accompany the application.

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Q: Can you pay now for coverage later?
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In this case you would use your Uninsured Motorist coverage if you have this coverage. Your UM coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle less your deductible. If later the person is found and their insurance or they personally pay for the damages then your insurance company will get reimbursed and you will also get back your deductible that you paid in you UM coverage.

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If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, that is the coverage that will pay for your stolen vehicle.

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no why would they its beyond their coverage

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What would result from under-coverage?

If you didn't have enough coverage then the insurance company would just pay out the policy limits and generally the other party would ask you to pay the difference.

Is it lawfull for your vehicle insurance to charge you for what they have covered?

Yes, That's how it works. The insurance company sells you coverage in the form of an insurance policy and you pay a premium in exchange for that coverage. If you don't pay for the coverage then your not covered.

Who gets the car insurance med pay?

Med Pay is a coverage for you and your passengers meant to pay quickly without regard to fault for smaller medical expenses such as emergency room visits. If the person also has health insurance the health coverage will pick up after the Med Pay coverage is exhausted.

What types of car insurance does Allstate sell?

Liability Coverage, Medical Payment Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Coverage, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage,Personal Injury Protection, Towing and Labor Costs Coverage, Rental Reimbursement, and Sound system Coverage. Those are the options you can get and the payment type is deductible and premium. The deductible is what you pay for the accident and the premium is what you pay per month.

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if you have comprehensive,it will pay for it.

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