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Picking trillium is actually illegal in British Columbia, Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and some parts of Ontario. Without a permit, that is. * Many local nature centers in these areas will actually hold wild flower sales at certain times of the year (the trilliums in Wisconsin go on sale in May), and you can buy these plants to put in your own yard legally. In the wild, however, they are a protected species.

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Is it illegal to pick trilliums in Ontario?


Is it legal to pick trilliums in minnesota on private land?


Can you pick trillium's in your own yard?

In some states, like Michigan, ( also new york) it is illegal to pick trilliums, I'm guessing that u may pick trilliums on your own property, but I would make sure first

Is it illegal to grow trilliums in your yard in Ontario?

No it is not illegal. It is only illegal when you harm them. For example, if you pick them or uproot them.

What do white trilliums need?


Is it illegal to pick the state flower?

Each state makes the determination about which is their state plant. Several states have the violet which is very common and no one has forbidden picking the violet flower. Ohio has the trillium as the state wild flower. Picking trilliums is illegal in Michigan and Minnesota. The problem with trilliums is picking the flower kills the plant.

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What has the author James S Pringle written?

James S. Pringle has written: 'The common solidago species (goldenrods) of southern Ontario' -- subject(s): Botany, Goldenrods 'The trilliums of Ontario' -- subject(s): Botany, Trilliums 'An introduction to wetland classification in the Great Lakes region' -- subject(s): Wetland ecology

Why are flies around red trilliums?

That they're attracted to the plant's odor and pollen is the reason why flies are around red trilliums [Trillium erectum]. This particular trillium gives off a distasteful smell of rotten meat. Plants with unpleasant smells tend to be pollinated by bats, beetles and flies.

What kind of plants are in Canada?

Maple trees, Aspens, Lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, trilliums, wheat, corn, dogwood tree, popular tree,

I know some trilliums are endangered but why?

As a genus, they are not. Some species are rare due to loss of habitat - ancient woodland - and some have been grossly over-collected for the garden plant trade.

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