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Yes you can. It happens every day. Ask anyone that was drunk and woke up in jail.

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Q: Can you place someone unconscious under arrest?
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When is a person under arrest?

A person is "under arrest" when a police officer charges them with a crime and chooses to take them to the police station to be processed for it. For example, if someone commits a crime, they are technically under arrest when a police officer witnesses the crime or has a warrant for the arrest and tells the criminal "You are under arrest." Typical procedure after this is to put handcuffs on the criminal and read them their Miranda rights (you have the right to remain silent etc). Handcuffs alone do not mean arrest, but i'm pretty sure its illegal for a police officer to handcuff someone without grounds to arrest them. As a side note, the person doing the arrest does not have to be a sworn in police officer. In Citizen's arrest cases, anyone with arresting powers like a bounty hunter can also place someone under arrest.

What do US Marshals say when detaining someone?

The say "Don't move, put your hands up, and you're under arrest" if they are under arrest.

To deprive someone of liberty by taking them into custody under lawful authority?


Do the police search you before they arrest you?

yes they do check you. Typically, as part of the arrest process, there is a search. However, depending upon the circumstances, the search may take place before the arrest, or you may be under arrest and the search can take place after.

What do the ankle bracelets do when someone is under house arrest?

Ankle bracelets or monitors are used to ensure that someone under house arrest remains within a certain range of the house. A signal is sent from the bracelet to a receiver that identifies the location of the person wearing it.

Must an arrest warrant be presented before arrest?

Not in the UK.Added: Also the same in the US. Mere knowledge, on the part of the officer(s), that a warrant exists is sufficient cause to place the subject under arrest.

What is the meaning of arrest you're?

you're under arrest

Why was Michael Jackson under house arrest?

He was never placed under house arrest.

Is house arrest a proper noun?

No, it is a common noun. He is under house arrest. He violated his house arrest and went back to jail. It would be a proper noun if it was the actual name of a thing or place. She went to the House Arrest officer to arrange the release of her son.

Defintion of military arrest?

To be under arrest by military police.

What is the hidden meaning of Arrest You're?

you're under arrest

What is the hidden meanings of arrest you're?

you're under arrest

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