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Yes but only game boy advanced games work on a ds.

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No. The second slot on the DS and DS Lite will only play Game Boy Advance games. It will not play games made for the Game Boy or Game Boy Color.

No, the DS cannot play Game Boy Color games. It can, however, play Game Boy Advance games, which are the only games it can play other than DS games.

the DSlite can play game boy advance games

You can play game boy advanced games. As far as I can tell, it's impossible to play a game boy color game on the ds.

you can play game boy games a normal DS but not on a DS light or a DS I.

nintendo DS or nintendo DS lite can play Game Boy,Game Boy Color and Game boy Advance games but the nintendo DSi cannot play any of them becuase it has no slot-2

Nintendo DS games are not playable on the Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy Advance is compatible with Game Boy Advance and original Game Boy cartridges. If you have a Nintendo DS, it will play Nintendo DS games or Game Boy Advance games. It is NOT compatible with the original Game Boy game cartridges.

The DS cannot play Game Boy Games.

On the Original Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS lite, you can play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. But on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL, there is no Game Boy or Game Boy Advance slot.

I have DS lite and i can play on Game boy advance games but not Game boy colour games.However if you have a DSI or a DSXL or a 3DS you can not.

you don't need anything there is bottom slot on the ds that you can play game boy games in.

you can't play Nintendo DS games on Game Boy Advance SP.

No, the games are very different, but it can work the other way around. A Game Boy Advance (GBA) game fits in the Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, Nintendo DS, and DS Lite, meaning the DS can play GBA games.

No you can only play GBA games in the GBA or the Reg. DS the DS or the DSi

You cannot play GBC games on the ds, only ds and game boy advance.

no,it can only play gameboy advance and game boy color games,the ds(discluding dci)can not play gameboy color,only ds and gameboy advance games.

On the Nintendo DS and DS Lite you can only play Game Boy Advance game in in single player only. Game Boy and Game Boy Color game are not compatible.

to play game boy advance games on the ds take out the black thing at the bottom and insert the game boy advance game.

no Gameboy advance cannot play DS games only a DS or a DSi can play DS me...i tried

No, the only Gameboy games that the DS can play, are Gameboy Advance games.

No, the DS cannot play Gameboy games.

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