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Can you play PC games on a chipped ps2 console or virtually any media and what disks are compatible on a chipped ps2 console and what type of modchip would you need?


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September 12, 2011 3:45PM

dispite me not having a chiped ps2 i have a chipped ps1 xbox and gamecube

i doubt that even chipped ps2s can play PC games as it would need a hard drive the xbox when chipped can be modded to run windows and act as a PC yet the ps2 is less likely to be able to

but you can play coppied ps1 ps2 cds and dvds with most chips

Airys Dark: if u hack a console with out moding it u can do eney thing i have a elf lorcher on my ps2, my psp is hacked with a elf lorch on it to. same with my game cube too. im trying to run xbox on my ps2 XD