Can you play PS2 games on Xbox?

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The Xbox is not designed to play PlayStation 2 games. A serious modification would be required to accomplish this feat, however, with the use of an Emulator one could play a PlayStation 1 game on an Xbox, but the legality of this is very questionable.
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How can you play PS1 games on PS2?

Because the PS1 is very simple to have an emulator for so the PS2 has one to allow it to play the PS1 games just like the PS3 has one. The PS2 is also a DVD player and a DVD player can read the CD game disc that the PS1 game is on and has no problem running the simpler software for the PS1.

Can you use a modchip or something to play xbox games on ps2?

PS2 ModChip You can, but bear two things in mind. Mod chips are illegal due tothe fact they allow game consoles to play burned copies of games.Also, install it at your own risk. In doing so, you void thewarranty that comes with the PS2 and on top of that you standruining your PS2.

How do you play ps2 games online?

Buy a PS3 No dont waste money just to play a ps2 game online by buying a ps3 get a ethernet cable and put it into the back of you ps2 and connect it to the box thing that your phone is probabley connected to and now your online hope you havent bought a ps3 yet,by the way buy a ps3 its more fun:) ( Full Answer )

Can you play PS2 games on a PS1?

No that is forward comparability and can not be done when the PS1 can not even read the PS2 DVDs

How do you play a ps2 game into a PC?

Answer . Sorry, you can't. A computer's CD or DVD is not the same as a PS2 drive, and cannot decode the disk. PS2 games are burned with certain marks on the disk that distinguish it as a PS2 game disc, which is why you cannot simply copy and play games (unless you have a MOD-chipped PS2). The be ( Full Answer )

Can you play PS3 games on PS2?

No, you cannot play PS3 games on PS2. But you can play Ps2 games on Older Ps3s. . To further expand on the statement of the older PS3 models playing PS2 games and to get specific about the models the following informations is being provided along with a couple of related links. The 20 GB PS3 coul ( Full Answer )

Can PS3 play ps2 games?

it depends on what ps3 you have if it is a 40 gig then no. but if it is a 60 gig then yes but not all games work on ps3's.

Will the PS3 play PS2 and XBox games?

the early version of the ps3 is the only one that can play ps2 disks on the newer one you can only play ps2 on ps3 disks that were made for ps3 only you cannot play xbox games though because xbox is Microsoft not sony

Can you play ps2 games on Xbox 360?

i dont think so unless you get a mod chip People like to throw out words like mod chip (a chip that would enable anything you want to happen even if the technology is not possible) A PS2 game is software designed to play exclusively on a PS2. Anything else that can play it must make the software ( Full Answer )

Will PS1 play PS2 games?

No. Only PS2 is backwards-compatible. This means PS2 can please PS1 games; but NOT the other way around. Oohrah! --CptSlinger.

Can PS3s play PS2 games?

YES, not all but a while heck of a lot!!!. You now cant on the new ones.

What ps2 games can you play on ps3?

Older PS3 Models with 4 USB ports will play PS2 games as seen on related PlayStation network link. All PS3 models with only 2 USB ports can not play PS2 games and there are no updates, downloads or additional hardware or cables that will allow them to play PS2 games. All models of PS3 can play PS1 g ( Full Answer )

How can you play a ps2 game in your PC?

No you can not put a game disc in your PC and play it. If you have an emulator like the PCSX2 you might find you can finish a game but it will not be playing a game it will be completing a difficult and time consuming task see related links

Why does your PS2 play PS1 games but not PS2 games?

The company could have gotten the brand wrong, and it is really a PS1. If that is not the case, your PS2 might be broken, and it will need to be taken to a electronics specialist.

How do you play downloaded PS2 games on PS2?

u cant .....well you can but you have 2 chip your ps2 its easy my one is the only way you can play copyd (downloaded games) is 2 get it chipped once that's done you can buy very new games just up 2 five punds and + its the same quality as the original the reason it wont work on your ps2 you havnt go ( Full Answer )

Can PS2 games play on a PS3?

From what I know, the PS3 lacks backwards compatibility, meaning the ability to play PS2 games. This is because the PS3 uses blu-ray discs instead of CDs, which expands the size of games it can play but does not allow it to play PS2 games. However, some of them might be playable, but Im not sure whi ( Full Answer )

Can you Play PS2 games in a PS3?

Older PS3 Models with 4 USB ports will play PS2 games as seen on related PlayStation network link. All PS3 models with only 2 USB ports can not play PS2 games and there are no updates, downloads or additional hardware or cables that will allow them to play PS2 games. All models of PS3 can play PS1 g ( Full Answer )

Playing Ps2 games on PS3?

Not something the PS3 slim can do and most Fat PS3 can not either unless they were the earliest models with the 4 USB ports

How do you play PS2 games in computer?

You don't. The PCSX2 emulator will allow a very skillful commuter user to complete some game titles, but it is not as problem free as just using the PS2 see related link

How do you play online PS2 games on the PS2?

You need to have an Ethernet Cable plugged in from your PS2 to your Modem,Router,or WiFi Laptop. Then you just put in a game, click online,create an account, and play.

Can you play xbox 360 games on ps2?

One cannot play Xbox 360 games in a PlayStation 2 system. While both systems use the DVD storage medium, the formatting is different as they have different CPU architectures. Not to mention being a generation newer than the PS2, Xbox 360 games require more processing power than the PS2 possesses.

How do you play ps2 games on psp?

Games are software designed to be used with certain hardware and a PS2 game can not be played on a PSP for more than just the lack of game design. A PS2 is a more complex and capable gaming console than a Playstation Portable

Can you play a Xbox game on a ps2?

No it was designed for Playstation 2 games and while it can play some PS titles it can not play Xbox or Xbox 360 games

Is there a way to play Xbox PS2 games on a Mac?

There aren't any Xbox emulators as far as I'm aware. As for the stunning PCSX2 emulator, it does not run on Mac OSX. But if you have an Intel Mac with Windows XP or better installed, you should be able to run PCSX2. Maybe not at full speed, but it should run.

Can ps2 can play Xbox games?

No. The systems are entirely incompatible, due to the way the consoles read the game code.

Can PS2 play Xbox games?

No. All games are marked because they fit for the specific game console. The product is made especially for the Xbox, but if you want to play it on a PS2, you could try finding the same game for the right console.

How do you convert an Xbox game to play on the ps2?

Games are not converted to play on different machine, the machines must be converted to play the games through emulation. PS2 consoles do not play Xbox games and there is no program that will allow them to

How To play pirated PS2 games on PS2?

For one, it's illegal. And two, it wont work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- it will work, you need either a swapdisk, action replay or a modchip though, all of which cost a pretty penny..

How do you fix your ps2 that will not play games?

take it to game stop or someone that is really good with electronics and get them to refurbish it. Since it is already used find anther used ps2 on Ebay that includes games and accessories you want and buy it rather than trade in your PS2 for a refurbished one at Gamestop.

Can you play your PS2 games in your PS3?

In the older model with the whole word: PlayStation 3, yes you can. But in the new (RIPOFF) version, no, it only plays PS and ps3 games. wish i nevr got it! don't make da same mistake!

Can PS3 play PS2 and xbox games?

No they can not The first ones released could , but production of those with the 4 USB Ports stopped over 4 years ago and even they could not play Xbox games only some of the PS2 titles

Can epsxe play PS2 games?

No. epsxe can only play PS1 games. To play ps2 games, the best emulator is PCSX2

Can you play xbox360 games on a ps2?

No of course not that's why there are called Xbox 360 games. They were designed to work on the Xbox 360. PS2 games are designed to work on the PS2 hardware

How do you play PS1 and ps2 games?

The best way is on a PS2 console. PC emulator programs do not work as perfectly and problem free as a console and even the PS2 does not play Playstation games as perfect and trouble free as the Playstation console did.

Will ps2 or Xbox games work on Xbox 360?

You can play original Xbox games on the 360 because it is backwards compatible but you cannot play any other console games on the Xbox 360 because it does not support other discs. There would be no point in other discs if you could play one disc on any console.

Can a ps3 play ps2 or xbox?

no Old PS3s with 4 USB ports could play some PS2 titles. They have been out of production over 4 years