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Can you play footy after having your wisdom tooth pulled out?


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Yes you can, wisdom is not required.


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yes it is ok to have popcorn after you get a wisdom tooth pulled out

yes you can drink milk after having a tooth pulled

getting them pulled by a doctor

A sinus infection is normally located in the maxillary sinus cavity, which would, in the ordinary course of things, not be related to having a wisdom tooth pulled. You would have to consult your oral surgeon to see whether he or she would decide upon an extraction of your wisdom tooth. I doubt that it would be a problem. You (and your oral surgeon) would only be concerned about the parietal and/or maxillary nerves close to your wisdom tooth --- and your sinus cavity is not. Regards, Jim.

SURE YOU can eat anything after having a wisdom tooth pulled out. Naturally you may not want to chew with the side from which the tooth was pulled out. You can chew with the opposite side. Why restrict your diet to bread,? ON THE day of extraction it may be a good idea to avoid hot food and hot drinks It can precipitate bleeding

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be quite painful. You can drink juice after having them removed so long as you don't use a straw.

yes! although it is extremely rare, it has been known to happen.

Yes, it can. This could be a sign of infective endocarditis, seek qualified medical advice.

The cost of having a tooth pulled without insurance will depend upon multiple factors. The dentist of choice, the procedure required, as well as if the individual will be put under or awake are all factors in determining the cost.

I believe you have to rest for 1 or 2 days after the tooth was pulled out.

I just had two teeth pulled and my denist said 4 days till I can smoke

Hope its not dangerous,im 5 mins from having a tooth pulled and i have had a head cold all week

yes if you want to feel the pain and receive infections to the mouth cavities

Not as traumatic as having to have a tooth pulled out because it is causing tooth ache due to getting bad.

I had chinese food the day of my wisdom tooth pulled...but I only got one done. The top right one, and I lightly rinsed my mouth after i ate.

I guess you could. But put in mind that sodas are very bad for your teeth.AnswerJust don't use a straw. Don't suck! DO NOT DRINK SODA FOR A WEEK AFTER HAVING A TOOTH PULLED... THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT YOU COULD GET DRY SOCET... VERY PAINFUL STUFF!

Never! Why do you want to ruin your teeth anyway..

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