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Can you play free rider on a line rider track?


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2009-07-14 16:32:16
2009-07-14 16:32:16

no not that i know of anyway.

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use line rider 3 beta and click on the start point.2 bosh faces will apear one will be crossed out , click this one and play your track hope this helps (_)

it is quite like line rider 1 you will find

You do not download free rider 1 or 2... you go to and play it there.

type in google: free rider 2 not blocked at school :)

there is a site that you can play free rider 2 on with a skateboard....its on "" check it out That's The Real One.


You don't need to download free rider 2 just click below link to play it online.

Yes, Search Unblocked Free Rider 2, then hit the first link, then you can play it, Enjoy!

no you can not little one you have to buy it.

You don't have to download it. All you do is go to, then you click on Play Line Rider Now. Following, all you have to do is install Silverlight by clicking on the dude. Then press F5 and you're ready to play it.

Easy Simple Download Link you can play it free and save tracks at

Go to and search for tracks by Moose_Man, Play the first track named FR2DB, and his other tracks like planet of the ramps, and to the tree and back.

The most current version of Free Rider 2 is found on It's such a massive improvement from the original. However, it's not downloadable, but you can play with it offline.

you do not download it but you can play it on Also try fr2

There used to be innumerable "clones" of LineRider all over the internet, but many have been removed due to Line Rider becoming copyrighted. Come on, what's wrong with the sled anyway?

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Zoombinis can not be played free on line anywhere. You have to purchase and download the software in order to play this game.

there was one if you type "play line rider" but it got blocked look for it in "unblocked games" that is so not true its not even funny. You just wasted my time. Thanks a lot you are great :) Jk <3 Pwned

you should go to ZDNet and they will let you play the game free for about an hour.

While the song title uses CC Rider, it was actually the line See See Rider. The song uses mostly traditional blues lyrics to tell the story of an unfaithful lover, commonly called an easy rider: "See see rider, see what you have done," making a play on the word see and the sound of easy.

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You don't play track and field, you run, jump, or throw.

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