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Can you prime the thottle body on a 96 achieva 3100 v6?

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February 21, 2008 2:07AM

You have no "throttle body", you have an upper & lower intake manifold, (sometimes the upper is called the "plenum"). There is never a need to "prime" it. Your vehicle is MFI (manifold fuel injected) and "primes" itself when the crankshaft position sensor senses crankshaft movement, and a start signal from the ECM unit. Should it take too much cranking to start the motor, you could have a bleed-down (siphon) back to the fuel tank by a bad fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator. (The fuel pump relay provides a 2-second burst of power to the pump any time it senses a "start" position of the ignition key. Mark---Raleigh, NC MFI is actually multiport fuel injection, but a 96 acheiva has SFI or sequential fuel injection other than that the answer was correct, btw those 3100 are famous for bad fuel pressure regulators i would check that first, on the left side of the engine just behind the power steering is a test port, for the injection system, you should have at least 15 pounds of pressure at the test port...skandolis fort smith ar