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Yes. You just need the income to make your monthly payments. If you can make the payments you can buy the insurance.

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Q: Can you purchase term life insurance with no job?
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How do you get long term life insurance?

There are several companies that offer long-term life insurance. In most cases, unless you are receiving it through a job, you have to apply. Applying online is simple and you can receive several different quotes. Metlife and AARP are two long term life insurance companies to help get you started.

What is insurance agent job description?

The job of an insurance agent is to help their clients by selling them different types of insurance, like life, health, auto, etc.

What job benefits does a pediatrician get?

Basic Hospital, Surgical, and Medical Insurance Major Medical Insurance Maternity Leave Dental Assistance Plan Group Life Insurance Sick-Leave Plan for Short-term Disability Long-term disability Travel Insurance Vacation Tuition Benefits retirement Program Sources of Support

Health insurance life insurance bonuses and paid vacations are all examples of?

Job benefits

I have life insurance from your job Do i need more life insurance?

You should be so lucky. How have you got life insurance from my job? Most jobs only cover $50k on life insurance because it's free to you. Anyway, if you are planning to get an affordable insurance, i recommend you visit the site below and get insurance quotes. The site will pull up comparable premiums between different insurance companies and show you the best quote.

Why are you interested in working in a short term insurance environment?

Because I want a job.

Is life insurance provided for homicide detectives?

Yes. If a person has a risky job or hobby that could be life threatening, then the insurance premiums are higher.

How can software for an insurance agent help him do his job?

A software for an insurance agent help him do his job because it makes his life easier and faster. You can read more about the upside and benefits at

Can my wife's insurance force me to buy insurance from my employer?

No, they can't force you to buy it from your job. You can buy your health insurance wherever you want too. That's between you and the insurance company you choose to purchase coverage from.

If life insurance policy holder changed his job and address but didn't informed what will happen in the case of death?

If life insurance policy holder changed his job and address but didn't informed what will happen in the case of death?

Where can someone go to get a job selling life insurance policies?

To get a job selling life insurance policies, one should find all nearby insurance companies and find out whether or not they are hiring. Someone interested in this job should also do their research on each potential employer and determine whether or not they are the right company to work for.

Is there an insurance you can purchase to protect your mortgage payment in case you lose your job?

Yes, there is depending I believe that you lost your job and did not quit. Through your present mortgage lender.

Do registered nurses get life insurance?

Yes because it helps them when they need help.I was a nurse and it was a hard job but also a good one cause i got free life insurance.

Can a mother take out a life insurance policy on her 40 year old son when he is always from job to job and wont maintain proper insurance?

If you have an insurable interest, you can take out life insurance on your son. Usually, family members, such as children and parents, have an insurable interest in each other. However, your son would have to know about the life insurance, because he may be required to take a physical exam, and answer some health questions to apply for the life insurance. But, you could be the policy owner, and pay the premiums.

Do we need stress in our life?

no because we are already stressed with school or your job and insurance and all the stuff you have in your life from school to kids

Job loss or death Is there any insurance that covers a family?

Yes, It's called a Life Insurance Policy for death, Job loss is covered in the U.S under Workers Unemployment compensation.

What is the meaning of the phrase do for a living?

The phrase 'do for a living' is a term for a person's job; the job or profession that supports their life.

What are the circumstances that life insurance refuse to insure a person?

An insurance company may refuse to insure you if a. You are employed in a dangerous job - like a lion tamer or any other equivalently dangerous job where the chances of loss of life are considerably higher than normal life b. You are seriously ill or c. You are very old (Usually older than 60 or more) Insurance co's sell life insurance policies only to those customers who they see as potential healthy adults who will lead a full life.

Do law enforcement have to pay for life insurance?

Or course they do. Just like most people their employer most likely will provide they some life insurance with their employee benefit plan. After that they must purchase any additional coverage that they want just like anyone else. A death or injury resulted while on the job would be covered also by workers compensation.

Where can I find someone to help me set up a life insurance management system?

You can call any life insurance agency, that is their job to help you find what is best for your specific situation. You can contact an attorney also.

Does employer sponsored life insurance cover suicide?

None do. in addition-must be on the job most cases.

Did beethoven have a job?

no he didnt Well not a "job" as we know that term in the present day. Beethoven's "job" in life was as a composer and musician. Composing was how he made a living.

Can Credit reports can affect an individual's ability to get a job purchase a home and obtain home and auto insurance?

It can affect all of those things.

Do i get a life insurance payout if i lose the job?

No. You will get a payment from the insurance policy if either * You are killed due to an accident or health issues or * You meet with an accident and are permanently disabled As long as you are healthy and alive, you will not get your insurance payout.

What questions will the insurance agent ask you when you apply for health or life insurance from direct insurance?

You become an investment when purchasing health or life insurance. Agents often ask if you smoke, drink or have any pre-existing medical conditions as well as what type of work you do at your job and what type of activities/hobbies are you involved in.