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Q: Can you purchase the controls West Point Home Model 9053?
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Gutter Cover Installation?

form_title=Gutter Cover Installation form_header=9053 Please select which gutter accessories you will need*= [] Leaf strainers at downspout level [] Wire mesh leaf guards over exposed gutter area [] Downspout straps [] Splash block at downspout outlet [] Gutter hangers to prevent sagging [] Installation of heat tape [] Gutter covers [] Would like recommendation Please specify how many stories there are in your home.*= {Select One,One story,Two stories,Three stories or more} How would you describe the problems you are having?*= [] Leaves and debris are building up in the gutter [] Leaves and debris are building in the downspout [] Gutter system easily clogs [] Water splashes around the house [] Water doesn't drain away from house [] Other

How much does a Colonial Style Cherry Entertainment Center cost?

It depends. If you are looking for a Thomasville Entertainment Center, Collectors Cherry, Early American (style), Old Colony (finish), that has a cabinet on the left with a glass window and 3 glass shelves and a cabinet underneath it, and on the left it has 2 french style doors that open and slide out of view to a space large enough to fit a 32" T.V. on a sliding pull out base and a drawer underneath that. If you are then maybe I can help you. I currently have one at my house that I am selling. It is in really good condition and is a very nice solid piece of furniture. I was wondering the value of it as well considering the hefty price tag when it was newly purchased. I would be asking for $ 800.00 if you could come and get it. If it would need to be delivered to you I could do it, I would just have to have you cover the cost to get it to you. I am located in Watertown, New York. My phone number is (315) 523-9053 or if not there (315) 788-6724. Just ask for Brock and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.