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I just purchased a female Parakeet and a week later purchased a Male. Currently they are both in differetnt cages but I would like to know if I can put them together ?

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โˆ™ 2010-11-25 22:16:53
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Q: Can you put a male and female parakeet in the same cage?
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Can you have female parakeet with a male parakeet in the same cage together?

Well, this is possible, if you want to have baby parakeets. If you do, keep thing in the same cage and install a nesting box. If you do not want to have babies, I sugest geeting a cage for each keet.

Can you put a male scarlet chested parakeet and a female eastern rosella in the same cage and will they breed?

maybe not . . .I think

Can you put two male parakeets in the same cage with a female?

You can't put two males in with a female or else they will fight for the female parakeet and one of the male parakeets can die because they will fight

Why would a parakeet kill another parakeet in the same cage if its only those two parakeets and they are the different gender?

If it is a Female killing a male She might be pregnant, mine is pregnant and she fights him somrtimes too but not anymore. If a female killing female, females don't get along and it could of got to the point of death. A male killing a male is prepostperous most guide books say get a male and a male or a female and a female that way so the parakeet won't be lonley

Can you put two male parakeets in same cage?

I have no problem with my two male parakeets in the same cage. Peppy (a male) came to live with me first. I went to the pet store to buy a female parakeet, Tika......who turned out to be male as well. They just love each other and are great friends. Beware of a lot of preening going on however!

Can a parakeet and a budgie be in the same cage?

yes. They can mine were in the same cage. Parakeet is basically the word budgie.

Can you have a rare parakeet and a budgie in the same cage?

A budgie and a parakeet are the same thing.

Why does my male parakeet pull on my female parakeet's tail?

Maybe because they are just playing. Or if the tail is in the males face, then he'll pull on it. My female does the exact same thing

Can you keep a male and female cockatiel in the same cage?

Yes. A male and a female cockatiel would be best to share a cage. If you put two males or two females together, they may fight. You don't have to worry about a male and a female breeding if they are in the same cage. Cockatiels won't breed unless there is a nesting box attached to the cage.

Can a female and a male gerbil live in the same cage?

Placing a female or male gerbil if they are not familiar (Family. prior cage mates) could be fatal in other words gerbils are territorial unless they are familiar. But a familiar male and female can be placed in the same cage but no matter if they are family or not and odds are they are they will mate and have pup's.

Does the male and female lovebird stay in the same cage with 10 eggs?

Does the male and female lovebird stay in the same cage with 10 eggs? If you have two lovebirds in a cage and 10 eggs, then you can be fairly sure you have two hens and not a pair!!!

Can you put a male and female hamster in the same cage?


Can a male guinea pig go in same cage as female rabbit?

no, guinea pigs and rabbits should not be in the same cage.

Can a male and female canary live in the same cage?

Yes, they can. I have two parakeets, a male and a female. They can also mate and have babies.

Can you keep an Alexander parakeet in the same cage as a budgerigar?

No you can't the Alexander parakeet.

Can you put a parakeet in the same cage as a parrot?

No. The parrot might kill the parakeet :(

How do you know if a white parakeet is male or female?

It is the same as looking at a regular parakeets nose, the darker the blueish color you know its male the lighter the pinkish color then its a female.

Is it OK to have two winter white dwarf hamsters in the same cage?

NO! If you put them in the same cage they could fight and one of them could end up killing the other. But if its a male and a female and you want to breed them you should make sure the female is in season by smelling her fur. If the fur has a very strong urine odor then she is in season and is ready to mate. ONLY put the female in the MALES cage or the female could kill the male if the male is put into her cage. Only put the female in the males cage for about 20 minutes.

Can you have an English and American parakeet in the same cage?

YES, but only after the American parakeet beats the English parakeet in a revolution.

Can 2 female zebra finches be in the same cage as a male?

yes. it is possible. simply pick up the male, put him in female cage, close the latch, and let the romance begin

Can a female and male hamsters be in the same cage?

yes but they will most probialy breed

Will a male hamster kill another male if they were to be in the same cage?

Its fine to but make sure if you have to males in a cage not to put a female in with them because then they will fight! Maybe to death

Is it possible to have a male and female parakeet together in same cage and still be able to have human contact?

Even with birds of the same sex, they will tend to bond with each other and have very little use for you. You should still be able to handle them, but I wouldn't count on them being real affectionate.

Do stores put 1 female and male in the same cage?

Not in commercial cages, but maybe a cage in back for breeding purposes.

How do you interduce a male hamster to a female hamster?

All you have to do is put the male and the female into the same cage. But you should keep an eye on them for they may fight or mate.