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Down, if you hope to heat your pool with it the bubbles (in theory) will heat up from the flat side. As there is more surface area from the bubbled side more heat (energy) will transfer to the water. I've never read any studies myself but I've read differing opinions from people in other posts. Some state the the solar cover actually blocks the sun and less heat is transfered on sunny days and that it is more beneficial to use take the cover off. Personally I find that if you leave the cover on when not using the pool, except when it's raining, the temperature stays the highest. Ensuring the cover is clean and there is no standing water on top of the cover really helps.

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Solar cover bubbles are always facing down, smooth side up

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Q: Can you put a solar cover on bubbles down?
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What direction do you put pool solar cover?

Bubbles down

Which way do you put a solar cover on your pool?

you make sure the bubble side is facing down on the water.smooth facing uo toward the sky.

When using a solar blanket in your hot tub do you put the bubble side face up?

All Solar Pool Covers are placed on your swimming pool with the bubble side down, or facing the water. This allows an air pocket to form under the cover to trap heat & provide the maximum insulation value the cover is designed for. -Charlie Goss President DPD Pools /

Can you add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on?

It's not possible to add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on. You will need to remove the solar cover from part or all of the pool in order to put optimizer or other pool treatment products into your swimming pool water.

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How long should you wait after adding shock to a pool can you put the solar cover back on?


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What type of solar cover reel do you recommend for a 15x30 above ground pool if there is no room at either end of the pool because it is fenced?

of you put the solar panels out side the fence then u can do it. just make sure to put fence around the solar panel's

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