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The iPod Nano will not run apps.

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Q: Can you put apps on a iPod Nano 7th generation?
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What are the differences between the iPod Nano 5th generation and the iPod Nano 7th generation?

There is no such thing as a 7th generation I pod Nano. It only goes up to a 6th generation I pod Nano. I looked it up on Wikipedia and they have no records of a 7th generation.

What gb does iPod Nano come in?

The iPod Nano 7th Generation only comes in 16GB as far as I know. I tried to buy a 32GB Nano 7th Generation but it only sold a 16GB

How do you put facebook on new iPod nano?

You can't put any games or apps or widgets on the iPod Nano 7th Gen or any other iPod Nano

Does Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation have a camera?


Where can I buy a 7th generation iPod Nano?

The 7th generation iPod Nano is no longer in production. However, it can be purchased at many aftermarket retailers, or through online discount shopping sites.

When will iPod nano 7th generation be released?

it has already been released.

Should I buy the iPod Nano 7th generation online or at a local store?

The IPod Nano 7th generation is not in existence. It is not on the market yet and they do not expect a release date anytime soon as the Nano is out of date and they are pouring their thoughts into the touch screen iPods.

What is different between the 5 generation iPod Nano and the 6 generation iPod Nano?

The 5th generation iPod nano has a bigger body, and uses a click wheel (the circle under the screen) to navigate through the iPod. It has a few games, an organiser, a Notes feature, etc. The 6th generation iPod nano is smaller, square, and sports a multi-touch screen. It has a built in clip at the back.

When will the ipod nano 5g be released?

It depends when the ipod touch 5 comes out.

Will they make ipod nano 7th generation?

Apple usually releases new iPods mid-September

What models do iPod Nano mp3 players have?

Ipod Nano comes in one model. Specifications are a 16 gigabyte 7th generation touch screen model ranging from black to white and magenta to aqua. 8 different color options.

What is ipod nano 7th gen like?