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Q: Can you put honey on your cut?
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Where do you get cherrim?

You have to put honey on a honey tree.

Why my Pokemon isn't cuting i trained him cut but he isn't cuting those trees its buged or something?

some trees can`t cut it in platinum because they need honey after you put honey after a time talk to the tree you will see a Pokemon if it is soul silver there is a sudowoodo looks like tree

How do you dissolve honey?

Put the honey in hot water

What language is the most hard to learn?

trust me honey it's Arabic languege i' learn it now it's hard put it's cut languege

How do you make honey water?

you put honey and water together and make honey water

How do you put honey on honey trees?

Press A on the tree and they will ask you.

Where are honey trees in eterna forest?

There is a honey tree on the outer route of Eterna Forest that you have to use cut to get to.

Where can you find apomb on Pokemon indigo?

you have to put honey on a honey tree

Is honey singh Sikh?

yes honey singh is from sikh family he was cut his hair in1984 sikh riots

How do you apply raw honey on an open cut?

spread on bandage

Is it bad to put honey and cinnamon everyday?

Absolutely. Every other day is the only way to put honey and cinnamon...

Does honey attract mice?

Yes Rat Love Honey. If you put honey out you will have lots of mice and large rats.