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Any car that has tires can have snow chains put on those tires.

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Q: Can you put snow chains on a Ford Focus?
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Do you put snow chains on the font or back on a 2005 ford focus?

front u always chain the drive wheels first

When do you use snow chains?

put them on your tires when there is snow on the roads

Why do cars put on chains over the tires when travelling in the snow?

Snow chains give more traction.

Can you put an alternator from a 1999 Ford Focus into a 2000 Ford Focus?


Can you put chains on a Ford Escape?

Yes, you can put chains on anything with tires. Make sure the chains fit the tires, loose chains with damage your car.

Install snow chains ford escape front wheel drive?

Put them on the front tires. Les Schwab tire centers has a good selection of cable chains that are really easy to put on. Instructions are included. Make sure you get the correct size. The chains for the P225 will work on the P235, but will be harder to put on and will not fasten properly. These cable chains can be put on without jacking up the car.

When should you put chains on your car?

When the state requires it and when there is compact snow on the road.

How many snow chains do you put on a car?

Tire chains are sold 2 per set . use on drive axles only.

Where do you put snow chains on a 2001 Expedition 2wd drive?

The chains go on the Rear tires. For the rear wheel drive cars.

Does Ford Focus sales provide the option to purchase a used Ford Focus?

Ford Focus sales provides the option to purchase a used Ford Focus. On the website, it asks consumers to put in their zipcode so that they will be able to find a Focus in their area.

Is there something you can put on tires so they wont slide on icy roads?

Snow chains

Do you put the snow chains on the front or rear tires on a 1999 Camry?

On the front tires.

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