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It will depend on your state's worker's comp law. Each state varies. Each Workers comp agency has a webpage to answer your question. If you had medical bills from the fall, Workers comp will usually cover the medical cost if you filed a report with the employer when it happened.

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Q: Can you receive reimbursement pay from workmans comp if you are only off work for a week due to a slip and fall?
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What does workmen's comp cover if your diagnosed as 90 disabled from a fall and receiving treatment and may have surgery?

Is it possible to talk to someone from your company that covered you under workmans comp? I'd start there, but I found many years ago that they can be outrageous. Don't let anyone intimidate you! If you have any trouble, contact a lawyer immediatly. Good Luck.

Can my employer of six years who have put me in a new department since going on Workmans Compensation light duty fire me?

no, not legally so make sure you do every thing by the book in your new dept. and keep records (dates and times)of any thing you find suspicious regarding your employers behavior towards you. he/she might be setting you up for a fall to fire you in a legal manner. and remember the dept of labor is there for this reason You can not be fired for being on workmans comp but you can be fired for not doing your job tasks according to company guidelines within your light duty limits. For instance if you continually come in late to work or are absent you can be fired as this has nothing to do with the workmans comp.

What is the workmens comp settlement for a knee?

Depends on what u had done as far as surgery, how longout of work,disabilty after u have been approved to go back to work, need to talk to free legal advise before u settle having surgery to repair torn ligament caused by fall, job requires standing 8+ hrs daily is workmans comp settlement available after returning to work

What if the company you work for has the office you work out of in the one of the bosses home and you fall at work due to neglect of outside lighting can you get a settlement from the workers comp ins?

You normally do not get a settlement from workman's comp, you are usually treated and they cover the cost through your workman's comp insurance. Depending on the state you live in, once you have agreed to be treated through workman's comp, you can no longer legally sue your employer.

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Can an employer not cover you under workmans comp if he thinks your'e to old?

NO ...once you have the job and waited the time told to wait to join a companies plans you will fall under any an all coverages that your job has ... to say that it is due to your age is a crime this is discrimination of age ... tell your employer to put that in writing then sue him ... ill take the case that's an easy win ... but i bet he will never put it in writing ... call your lador dept. they will help you ...

Do you have to be working to get workers compensation in North Carolina?

Worker's Comp pays for medical bills and lost wages that result from an injury or illness arising from your work. If I fall off a ladder at work, it pays my medical bills- and if I can't work due to my injury, it replaces part of my wages. However, if I fall off a ladder at home, that is not Worker's Comp. I was not a worker.

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after a very serious fall at work, the surgen who was (did) to perform the surgery, had me go to my family dr. for an EKG. after EKG my dr. said i needed a heart stress test, of which i had to pay $941.00.shouldn't work comp have paid?

Worker's comp has to pay if Doctors can state it was due to that injury.

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