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Q: Can you rent homes in a residential subdivision?
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Are there any homes available for rent in the Arrowhead subdivision in Glendale, AZ?

There are none listed online, but it is a possibility that this subdivision only rents privately. Since most subdivisions are only allowed to rent 30% or less of available space, the best bet is to contact them directly.

What type of description commonly is used in a residential subdivision?

A platted description

How can I find homes for rent in Granbury, TX? has homes for rent in Granbury, TX. They have cheap and great homes for rent and sale. You can compare prices with various homes on there to find the cheapest for you.

Does "Homes for lease" mean the same as "Homes for rent"?

Homes to rent and homes to lease are very similar. Homes to rent you rent them for a week, a month or whatever you agree on withyour landlord. Homes for lease is pretty much the same but some lease to own has an option to buy the place you are renting.

What are residential income properties?

Residential income properties are investment properties where people live. This includes single-family homes, multiple-family homes, and apartment complexes. Generally, the owner does not live there but is ultimately responsible for all maintenance and upkeep and has certain legal obligations. Residents pay rent, typically every month.

Where can one find homes for rent in Lansing MI?

One can find information about homes for rent in Lansing, MI at a number of online locations. For example, For Rent, Mayberry homes, Trulia, and Realtor all list homes for rent in Lansing, MI.

What is residential land?

Residential land is a place where people build single- family homes, multiple family homes, and condos to live there.

What are the costs involved with residential care homes?

"Residential care homes all have different costs across the United Sates. It is important to know which homes you are interested in, and then search for information about those particular homes."

Are there any homes for rent in Miami?

Yes, there are homes for rent in Miami. Go to and you will find all kinds of listings for renting homes and buying homes.

Do you have homes for rent Or rent with option to buy?

There are quite a few beautiful homes for rent in Cookeville. If you go to you can see pictures and prices.

Where can I find hud homes for rent in california?

You can visit to find hud homes for rent in california.

Where can I find rent to own homes in the Orlando area?

Go here: - then enter your search parameters in the box on the left.