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Can you safely hook up your current 3 wires to a new outlet and get your stove to work?


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2015-07-15 21:34:32
2015-07-15 21:34:32

Sounds like a 220 volt stove. If you have a volt meter, checking the red to the black wire should show 220 volts AC. Checking the Black to the White should show 110 volts and the red to the white should show 110 volts.

The 4th wire in the stove is probably green which is a ground for safety. If you can track down your wiring back to your electrical panel, you will probably find that the white wire from the kitchen is connected to the ground bar. All the white wires and the bare wires in your electrical panel are connected to the same buss.

So, if this were all true and it were my house, I would change the the outlet in the house to a 4 prong recepticle. If you can't run a 4th wire for the ground, then on the house side of the recepticle I would put a short jumper wire from the white wire's screw to the ground screw. So what this does is allow voltage from the stove to return to ground along either the white or the green wire to the recepticle. Then by having the ground connected to the white, voltage is allowed to return to the electrical panel. Without having the green pin on the recepticle jumpered to the white wire there is a possible shock hazard because stray voltage on any metal panels that make up the portion of the stove that you touch can't return to ground and passes through whoever touches it and the kitchen sink at the same time.

Since electricity can be deadly, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a second opinion.


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You can't, you need an electrician to find out which wire is which.

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Through wires, cables, and transformers, all the way from the generating station to the outlet in the wall of your house.

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On what? IS this an outlet or a switch?

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It's possible that the outlet is on a switch, and either one half of the outlet is switched or the whole thing. The extra two pair of wires probably feed the NEXT outlet.

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Possibly old wiring corroding. Could be caused by loose connections. May have to run new wires. Consult a licensed electrician.

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