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Sounds like a 220 volt stove. If you have a volt meter, checking the red to the black wire should show 220 volts AC. Checking the Black to the White should show 110 volts and the red to the white should show 110 volts.

The 4th wire in the stove is probably green which is a ground for safety. If you can track down your wiring back to your electrical panel, you will probably find that the white wire from the kitchen is connected to the ground bar. All the white wires and the bare wires in your electrical panel are connected to the same buss.

So, if this were all true and it were my house, I would change the the outlet in the house to a 4 prong recepticle. If you can't run a 4th wire for the ground, then on the house side of the recepticle I would put a short jumper wire from the white wire's screw to the ground screw. So what this does is allow voltage from the stove to return to ground along either the white or the green wire to the recepticle. Then by having the ground connected to the white, voltage is allowed to return to the electrical panel. Without having the green pin on the recepticle jumpered to the white wire there is a possible shock hazard because stray voltage on any metal panels that make up the portion of the stove that you touch can't return to ground and passes through whoever touches it and the kitchen sink at the same time.

Since electricity can be deadly, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a second opinion.

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Q: Can you safely hook up your current 3 wires to a new outlet and get your stove to work?
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How do you wire a 250 volt stove outlet with only three black wires?

You can't, you need an electrician to find out which wire is which.

How is current brought into your home?

Through wires, cables, and transformers, all the way from the generating station to the outlet in the wall of your house.

Why would an outlet have two black wires two white wires one red wire and a ground?

It's possible that the outlet is on a switch, and either one half of the outlet is switched or the whole thing. The extra two pair of wires probably feed the NEXT outlet.

What are the two wires for?

On what? IS this an outlet or a switch?

What is the cause of green powdery corrosion all over the copper wires under the plastic housing of a stove outlet and how do you cure this?

Possibly old wiring corroding. Could be caused by loose connections. May have to run new wires. Consult a licensed electrician.

Why might an overloaded outlet cause a problem?

If the current (amps) supplied to the appliance(s) plugged into an outlet exceed the rated current-carrying capacity of that outlet, you can have problems. Examples are bad contacts from the sockets in the outlet to the prongs of the plug, causing excessive heat, and the circuit wires which supply the outlet get hot, also causing excessive heat. That extra heat can reach high enough temperatures to start a home fire.

How do you wire a gfci outlet with fan switch?

The wires going to a GFCI outlet are no different than a standard outlet. I assume you are wiring the fan switch to the same wires and not actually to the outlet itself (this would mean you are plugging the switch into the outlet and that wouldn't make any sense).

What is single phase outlet?

It is an outlet that has one hot wire, such as a household receptacle, or two hot wires, such as a dryer outlet (in the US). If the outlet has three hot wires, it would be called a 3-phase or polyphase outlet. These would normally be found only in an industrial setting.

When running outlets in a series can you still use the outlet itself as a coupler or do you have to pigtail the wires then feed the outlet?

Just firmly connect the wires under the screws and that will couple them. Each outlet has two hot and two neutral screws; just connect the wires appropriately and make certain that the outlet is properly grounded.

How do you connect a 3-wire stove to a 4-wire outlet?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. In order to plug your 3 wire stove into a 4 wire outlet, the easiest way to do so is to change the cord on the stove. This does not require cutting power to the outlet or anything like that. Anyone who is going to be changing the power cable on any device knows that you need to unplug the cord first, eliminating the need to cut power to the outlet. The difference between a 3 prong and 4 prong outlet is the ground wire. Both provide 240v power by supplying 2 120v wires (red and black). There is also a white wire, which will be your neutral wire. The green wire is your ground, and should be bolted to the body of the stove. (Most appliances have a location for attaching the ground wire). When connecting your wires, there should be 3 wire locations. You should connect one of the two hot wires (red or black), then your white wire in the middle, and then your other hot. The green will be your ground.

What color of wires are found on a 120 volt duplex poutlet?

A 120 volt duplex outlet is the main type of outlet for residential outlet system. The wires are typically white and black, and there should only be two of them.

Why would a wall outlet have 3 hot and 3 neutral wires?

- This outlet is not wired to a switch or anything like that. One set of wires is wired into the sides of the outlet, and the other two sets are pushed into the back connections. would I need to replace it with a special outlet? and is it safe?

Can you wire a 12 volt power outlet into your cigarette lighter?

A power outlet can be wired int a cigarette lighter. The wires will have to be cut, with the power off. Then the wires will need to be connected back together while adding the power outlet wires. The Connection will have to be a proper connection, preferably with crimp connectors.

What is the device designed to detect a difference in current between circuit wires called?

A) Outlet plug B) Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) C) Electricity Read Monitor D) Current Path Detector

What are the colors of the wires on a duplex outlet?

Black, white, and copper.

How do you disconnect dryer wires outlet for good?

Remove the breaker in main panel and either remove wires from main panel or cap off wires with wirenuts and label for possible future application. Put a breaker filler strip in hole left by missing breaker. At outlet you can just leave outlet or remove from wall and repair hole in wall. If you remove outlet and leave wires in wall it is best to totally remove wire from main panel.

A break in the wires of an electric current will the circuit and the current?

A break in the wires of an electric current will break or cut the circuit and stop the current from flowing.

Originally a 240V line running from the 50A circuit to a box contaning in line fuses from this box came a 240V cable having 2 black wires and wire braid do I wire the outlet stove as a 3 or 4 prong?

3 prong the 2 black wires are your hot and the braided is your neutral.

Does current flow through wires?

yes current can easily flow through wires but only those wires which can conduct electricity i.e,those wires which are not insulators

How do you install an electric cook top into an antique cast iron stove?

i need info on how to conect the wirin ,on an electric cook stove. the wires on the stove are red green and black

What is a gfci outlet and where is one needed?

A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet is connected to a special electronic circuit breaker that compares the electrical current going OUT, across one of the wires to the amount of current coming back, across the OTHER wire. (that's the hot/neutral pair) That special electronic circuit breaker is called a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or GFCI for short.If at any point the current across the two wires does not match, the breaker will shut off the current to the outlet. The assumption is, (and it's a valid assumption) that if the current out does not match the current in, then electrical current is draining TO GROUND through something else... that something else might just be you. In other words, there is a ground "fault"While a GFCI outlet is a good idea, unfortunately many people take unnecessary chances under the assumption that the GFCI will protect them. But remember, electronic circuits do occasionally fail.

What size wire should be used to run to an RV 300 feet away from the power supply?

It depends on the amperage you are needing at the outlet. Electrical wires have resistance, which eats up current. Longer wires have more resistance simply because they are longer and need to draw more power at the source in order for the correct amount of power to reach the outlet.

What is kalodiophobia?

A fear of wires, plugs or anything that can be plugged into a wall or outlet.

What do you do if your old wall outlet has three white wires and three black wires running to it but your new outlet only has two total inputs for white and black in the back?

wire nut the three whites together with a fourth wire going to the outlet same for the black

How fuses and circuit breakers prevent electrocution and house fires?

There are many different thicknesses and designs of wires for carrying electrical current, and some wires can carry more than others, so, for a given wiring system, you can determine the maximum amount of electric current that can be safely carried by those wires and then put in a fuse or circuit breaker that will turn off the electricity if the amount of current exceeds that maximum. If this is not done, then there is the possibility that by putting too much electric current in the wires, you can cause the wires to overheat, and if they overheat they may cause a fire, or they may melt their own insulation, which creates a risk of electrocution if you touch the exposed wire.