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  • 100 pounds = 45.359237 kilograms

  • 143 pounds = 64.8637089 kilograms

  • 120 pounds = 54.4310844 kilograms

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Yes. Alternatively, "what is 100 108 and 120 lbs in kg?" 100 pounds is 45.5 kg 108 pounds is 49 kg 120 pounds is 54.5 kg 2.2 pounds are equal to 1 kg

I am 12 and 1 weigh 120 lbs so ill say about 120 i am 5'3 and i weight 107 120 is overweight you should be 100

Anywhere from 100-130 lbs. I'd say about 115 or 120 is the ideal weight.

It all depends on your height. I am 5' 3" and I weigh around 120 lbs. I would say (now it all depends on height) around 100-120.

110 lbs average Doctors say for a female to be a healthy weight it is usually 5 lbs more than 100 for every inch you are over 5 feet. Exp. If you are 5"4 the average heathy weight is 120 lbs This is not iron clad

I would say about 100-120

she weights around 120-115 lbs i would say

Percentage means a fraction with a denominator of 100. 15 percent is 15/100. 15% of something means you multiply it by 15/100. Therefore 15% of 120 is 120*15/100 = 1800/100 = 18. In dollars, 15% of $120 is $18. Now 15% OFF of $120 means you subtract 15% from the original price. So $120 - $18 = $102. Final answer. Or you could say that 15% (of anything) OFF 100% is 85% because 100 - 15 = 85. $120*85/100 = $10,200/100 = $102. Same answer of course.

I would say a healthy weight would be about 110 lbs to 120 lbs

Between 100 and 120 lbs, without the rim, depending on specifics. There'll be a substantial difference between, say, an 11R24.5, a 285/75R24.5, and a 315/80R24.5 tire.

I would say around 70 lbs. or more, but not over 100 lb's, I think that would be too heavy over 100 lbs. have a nice day!

approximatly 120 lbs. however, anywhere between 108-132 lbs. is suitable for someone of this stature. since you're older though (108 is typically for younger girls), I would say 120 lbs. and if you're a larger framed-women, then 132 lbs.

I'd say between 100 and 120 lbs. An adult at that height would weigh slightly more, due to mature bones and more muscle mass.

I'd say 120 lbs is healthy, but try this ideal body weight calculator: It takes body frame size into account, which I think is important.

Depends on your frame - I would say anywhere from 120-140 lbs.

she look really thin and small so i say about 100 lbs .

He was about 110 to 120 lbs but then he went through some tough times and gained some pounds and now i would say he is about 140 to 150 lbs but not exact.

mass is how much an object weighs. If you weigh 150 pounds, then you have a mass of 150 lbs (you can say pounds if you want instead of lbs, it is just the abbreviation for pounds). if you weigh 100 kilograms, then you have a mass of 100 kg( you can say kilograms or kilo's if you want, kg is just the abbreviation).

120 over 80 is kinda textbook the norm. so 143 over 80 would be high, but it also depends on what is normal for the individual & the age & even meds. But most would say that needs to come down.

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 m=100 cm 120 cm=1.2 m

Depends but i would say about 100-120 pound. Between there.

I'm 5'7 and weight approximately 98 pounds. I am underweight. I believe the correct weight is about 120 lbs. ?? (Improved answer): I'd say between 120-145

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