Can you say will be freezed?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Can you say will be freezed?
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When freezing something do you say i had frozen it or i had freezed it?

i had frozen it

Can Mercury be freezed?


Why can't salt freeze?

the things which are in liquid state get freezed and become solid. Salt is already a solid so it does have to get freezed.

Is freezed a verb?

"Freezed" is not a grammatical word. The correct past tense of the verb freeze is froze. Frozen is the past participle.

How many times meat can be freezed and refreezed?


Why does your mobile samsung sgh-e250 say phone freezed on screen?

Internal software issue. Most likely need to return to manufacture for software re-install

How many times can you freezed cooked chicken?

once is recommended.

Water differs from most substances?

c. it expands when freezed.

Can fire be flash freezed?

No, fire is not a substance that can be frozen. It is a process.

Why does computer restart by?

to get rid of the risk of computer getting freezed.

What happens to liquids when enough heat is removed?

These liquids are freezed.

How long can you keep a steak in freezer?

forever because its freezed :D