Can you see Twilight in Netflix?


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No, it only available by DVD Rental only, and no for instant streaming


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no only dvd from netflix but not instant streaming

no not on Netflix Instant only available on dvd from netflix.

Get it on netflix or at blockbuster

netflix gets new movies when they come out on DVD, so it will come out on netflix when the dvd comes out

the vampire diaries, i'm watching it now on netflix

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Watch "Supernatural" on Netflix and you will know.

you already can see twilight online, it is illegal but you can find it on google

no,but you can type in twilight and see what pops up

Twilight was released on DVD March 21st, 2009. See the related link for more details.There are some major sites such as Netflix or Amazon that may stream the movie online with a subscription or at a small cost, but any site that offers to allow you to download or view it for free is illegal. This movie is not in the public domain.

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no its not i tried lie 18 times and it doesnt work this is from a girl from ps 78

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The only way you can legally watch Twilight online is if you rent or purchase it from a trusted source which is legally allowed to rent or sell the movie. Such trusted sources are iTunes,, Netflix and Amazon.

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its about to see basicly how much you know about twilight and answer questions about the movie

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